Top 50 Preview: Guest Rankings No. 3

Editor’s Note: I originally posted this with Luke’s wrong Top 30. Corrected version is below. Also, be sure to follow him on Twitter @LukeGude

I don’t know if it’s the fun of putting together a top prospect list or the ability to get a free plug, but I’ve been getting more top prospect rankings from people over the last couple of days. Great stuff.

Today, we’ll go to paradise — Prospects Paradise, that is. That’s the site run by Luke Gude, and he’s today’s guest ranker. Let’s take a look at his Top 30, shall we?
1. Jason Heyward
2. Stephen Strasburg
3. Desmond Jennings
4. Brian Matusz
5. Carlos Santana
6. Buster Posey
7. Jesus Montero
8. Justin Smoak
9. Dustin Ackley
10. Pedro Alvarez
11. Neftali Feliz
12. Mike Montgomery
13. Mike Stanton
14. Alcides Escobar
15. Wade Davis
16. Tyler Matzek
17. Michael Taylor
18. Casey Kelly
19. Martin Perez
20. Starlin Castro
21. Yonder Alonso
22. Domonic Brown
23. Brett Wallace
24. Jeremy Hellickson
25. Jaff Decker
26. Aaron Hicks
27. Kyle Drabek
28. Jhoulys Chacin
29. Ryan Westmoreland
30. Fernando Martinez

The commenter who mentioned Decker recently might like this list better… Good stuff. Keep ’em coming. Just email me with your rankings and I’ll try to get them up before my Top 50 list is revealed on the MLB Network on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET. Be sure to include the link to your site, as well as to a Twitter account if you’ve got one.
I love seeing how many people are out there following prospects and the Minor Leagues. It does the heart good.


To me, this is by far the best list so far posted. I am a sucker for 5 tool guys, so I definitely think Aaron Hicks belongs in any top 30 conversation. I think the Mike Montgomery ranking is a bit ambitious, but I like it because other sites tend to underappreciate him a tad. Although this is definitely nit-picking, I like Montero above Posey. I also do not think Martinez is a top 30 guy anymore. I get the fact that he is still very young; I would make him a fringe top 50 guy (if that). The guy just can’t stay healthy and that worries me more than a little. The Mets need to let him develop down in Buffalo. With the Bay signing, I figured that was what the Mets would have to do; now with the Beltran surgery, I pray they don’t decide to bring Martinez up as another bat off of the bench.
A+ ranking in my book! Great job.

Thanks! I’ve spent a lot of time on it.
I agree my ranking of Montgomery is very ambitious. From everything I’ve looked at, I just get the feeling he will be one of the premier lefthanders in the game. He has stuff, polish, youth, and results. It’ll be good to watch him progress in 2010.
Posey lacks the explosive offensive potential of Montero, but I gave him the edge because of his superior plate discipline and defensive value. They are certainly very close, though.
As for Martinez, I initially had him lower because of injury and other concerns. He is still young, though, and I decided to give him the last spot because he has huge offensive upside (if he can ever get healthy). Thanks again, I appreciate the compliments.

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