Top 50 Preview: Guest rankings No. 4

Had I known this would be so popular, I would’ve started this earlier. Live and learn.

Got a few more entries to post here. Tonight’s comes from Daniel Moroz. He runs a blog called Camden Crazies, which I first thought was a site about depressed cities in southern New Jersey. But then I realized it was actually about the Orioles. Check out his site and follow him on Twitter @CamdenCrazies.

Here’s his list, with a nice little editorial note at the top:

01. Jason Heyward (Very easy call over Strasburg – for me, at least)
Stephen Strasburg
03. Desmond Jennings
04. Carlos Santana
05. Mike
06. Buster Posey
07. Jesus Montero
08. Pedro Alvarez
Neftali Feliz
10. Justin Smoak
11. Dustin Ackley
12. Brian
13. Aroldis Chapman
14. Chris Carter
15. Madison
16. Martin Perez
17. Wade Davis
18. Jeremy Hellickson
Domonic Brown
20. Fernando Martinez
21. Alcides Escobar
22. Michael
23. Brett Wallace
24. Casey Kelly
25. Starlin Castro

Interesting list, as they all have been. I’ve been loving the comments people have been leaving. Keep it up! That’s what this is all about!

Don’t forget, my Top 50 prospect list will be unveiled on the MLB Network on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET. I’ll also be making an appearance on the Hot Stove show tomorrow (Monday) evening to preview Wednesday’s hour-long extravaganza. OK, time to turn in, early flight tomorrow…I’ll be back at some point to post another guest ranking.


The rankings of 13-15 (Aroldis Chapman, Chris Carter, Madison Bumgarner) are definitely ambitious. Overall, though, this looks like an excellent list.

The opening remarks got a good chuckle out of this NJ native. As for the rankings, I’m surprised to see so many ranking Montero 3rd among the catching prospects. Although, I guess most people are assuming he winds up elsewhere. Still, I would would choose a Mike Pizza type over lesser catchers any day of the week.

forgot to mention… after watching Jaff Decker in the AzL, I’m a big fan of his as well. I think he should get strong consideration for the top 25. Reminds me a lot of Brett Wallace…. they’re the type of guys that doesn’t look like the best athletes on the field, but at the end of the day, they’ll prove to be one of the best players you can find.

If you had done this last year, would Stephen Strasburg have been eligible? Dustin Ackley? Is your list open to amateur players? Anthony Ranaudo of LSU has already made one list projecting the top 100 players of the next decade. And Jameson Taillon may warrant consideration.

Our league has a site wherein we compile a list of the top 250 prospects. Since it’s designed more for our fantasy league and the attrition rate for pitchers is so much higher, our list is split between hitters and pitchers and weighted to include 175 hitters and 75 pitchers.

Among the features included on our spreadsheet are last year’s actual numbers (tools vs. results!?), date of birth, and a list of rankings from various other sites.

The list can be found at

Rest assured, your soon to be published ranking will occupy its own column.

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