So, what did everyone think?

Now that the show is a part of broadcasting history, tell me what you thought. I see some things on Twitter and some stuff in comments and I’ll try to respond to some things over time (there might be a chat in the works for later on, but we’ll see), but I need more validation from folks. So leave some comments here to make me feel better.

You can check out my breakdown of the Top 50 list. You can check out the complete list, all with cool video. You can email in your own Top 10 list (not just bloggers here, but fans, too, should chime in). You can even watch the entire show if you need to catch it again or (gasp) missed it the first time.

Things to address:

1. Heyward vs. Strasburg at the top: Did you think Stras should’ve been No. 1. I think an argument could be made for either, but I see a lot of support for Heyward out there (though in early fan voting, noted above, Stras was getting a bunch of No. 1 votes). It’ll be interesting to see what some of the other experts have to say out there.

2. Jesus Montero: This seems to be the one getting people the most riled up. I knew it was coming. Good split in the comments on the story about where he is. I could see him moving up some, but it’s the defense that kept him lower in some scouts’ minds. Thoughts on Montero are welcome here.

3. Aroldis Chapman. For the record, if you didn’t watch the show when I explained it. When I finalized the list, he hadn’t yet signed and I don’t consider players who aren’t yet with an MLB organization. If I did, I’d have to start considering amateur talent from college or high school ranks before they even are drafted and that’s not something I’ll do.

3. The obvious who is/isn’t on the list — who do you think should’ve made it, who you think shouldn’t have been on there at all. And remember, this is a prospect list, not a good players in the Minors list. There’s a difference.

4. What did you think of the shirt? Wish you could’ve seen all of the tie. Had purple in it, which made the shirt work even better. I think I pulled it off. Did you?

Believe it or not, I did not get to everyone who had graciously sent in guest prospect rankings. So I’ll keep them going the next couple days. Tonight, before I sign off and get some rest, I give you the Top 20 from Seth Stohs. You can catch his work on and follow him on Twitter @SethTweets. Guy knows a ton about the Twins farm system. You can find out just how much if you go to his site (or straight to this link) and pre-order his Twins 2010 Prospect Handbook.

Anyway, looks like Seth knows a thing or two about prospects in all organizations. Some interesting names on his list.

1.) Jason Heyward – OF – Atlanta Braves
2.) Brian Matusz – LHP – Baltimore
3.) Stephen Strasburg – RHP – Washington Nationals
4.) Aroldis
Chapman – LHP – Cincinnati Reds
5.) Jesus Montero – C – New York
6.) Jeremy Hellickson – RHP – Tampa Bay Rays
7.) Buster Posey – C
– San Francisco Giants
8.) Carlos Santana – C – Cleveland Indians
Madison Bumgarner – RHP – San Francisco Giants
10.) Pedro Alvarez – 3B –
Pittsburgh Pirates
11.) Neftali Feliz – RHP – Texas Rangers
Dustin Ackley – 2B – Seattle Mariners
13.) Domonic Brown – OF – Philadelphia
14.) Aaron Hicks – OF – Minnesota Twins
15.) Justin Smoak – 1B
– Texas Rangers
16.) Starlin Castro – SS – Chicago Cubs
17.) Mike Stanton
– OF – Florida Marlins
18.) Derek Norris – C – Washington Nationals
Jaff Decker – OF – San Diego Padres
20.) Josh Bell – 3B – Baltimore


Carlos Santana should arrive soon.
Who do you think have a better career: Santana, Posey or montero?

I feel a lot more comfortable with where Seth ranked Mike Stanton than I did with where you had him. I know that based on his power potential he could be a superstar, but I feel like we’ve seen this before. Guys with the big time power who strike out at ridiculous rates and can’t hit for average in the minors tend to scare me. Sure he’s young enough to turn that aspect of his game around, but what if he doesn’t?

Thanks for your list!

Suggestion for comparing teams in the future: instead of one per team, resulting in 4 for TB and Texas and KC, weight each rank by the inverse. Thus Atlanta gets 50 points for Heyward being #1 and so on until SD gets 1 point for Decker being #50.

Scoring in that way would show that Tampa Bay and Texas are strong in talent in this Top 50 ranking, as well as in numbers, while KC is not as strong in talent.

And it would have brought up that the Giants were 3rd best, clearly, overall with 2 players in the Top 10, which is much better than Detroit’s 2 in the bottom 13 or LAD’s 2 in the bottom 15.

I think one of the more interesting comparisons would have been between Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison. Of course, I find this more interesting than most because our league provides for the drafting and reserving of minor leaguers, and before the 2009 season when my choice arrived I had cut down the available choises to either Morrison or Stanton. Most rankings had Stanton higher, but it was close. Stanton’s 153 K’s in 468 AB’s the year before proved just too much and I went with Morrison.

Interesting that they ended up as teammates for Jacksonville and had a simailar number of AB’s (Stanton 299, Morrison 278). Their comparative numbers of average, OBP and slugging were:
Morrison: .277-.411-.442
Stanton: .231-.341-.501

Big power advantage to Stanton, but 99 K’s in 299 AB’s while Morrison actually had more BB’s (63) than K’s (46)!?

I actually still have Morrison rated higher while you had Stanton at #3 and Morrison at only #25. Is the power difference worth that much!? Heck, I think it would be easier to get Morrison to the weight-room than to adjust Stanton’s overaggressive tendencies.

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