Let the live blogging commence

We’re now less than two hours from the official start of the Minor League season. It seems like Syracuse has become the Cincinnati of the Minors (you know, before the ESPN Sunday night game became the opener). It feels like the season starts in Chiefs country every year. This time, the Nationals’ Triple-A affiliate hosts Lehigh Valley, the Phillies’ farm club.

Some things for your reading pleasure as we prepare for an exciting day and night of baseball and blogging. First, here’s my update on where the Top 50 prospects are starting the season. Since the International League is kicking things off, here’s a look at what’s in store for that highest level in 2010. Or you can check out our overall coverage of MiLB Opening Day.

As for this IronPigs-Chiefs contest, it’s Brian Mazone vs. J.D. Martin. Prospect-wise, the best guys to watch in this game are probably Syracuse OF Justin Maxwell. They also have Josh Whitesell, who’s always hit well in the Minors. For Lehigh Valley, John Mayberry Jr. is still worth tracking. You can listen to the game (and many, many others) via MiLB.com’s free Gameday Audio service.

Enjoy the day everyone. I’ll be back once things get underway

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