Harper ejection

By now, many of you know about Bryce Harper being ejected from his Junior College World Series game on Wednesday night.

In case you didn’t, here’s what happened in a nutshell: Harper took an outside pitch with two strikes in the fifth inning in his game against top-seeded San Jacinto. He thought it was outside, the umpire thought otherwise and rang him up on a called strike three. As Harper returned to the dugout, he drew a line in the dirt to show the umpire where he thought the pitch was. By all accounts, he didn’t say a word. The gesture, however, earned him an ejection, one that will force him to sit for the next two days. (He was ejected once earlier this year, and the JUCO rules state that two ejections= two-game suspension). There’s a chance that Harper’s junior college career is over, unless CSN can make a run and get to a title game on Saturday.

The immediate reaction, of course, has been to see this as another part in the history of Bryce Harper being a hot-head, or that it points to hsi bad makeup. I’m not saying he should’ve done it — arguing balls and strikes is always a risk — but it seems to me that the umpire had a fairly quick trigger, especially in a JUCO World Series game. Don’t believe me? Well, thanks to the beauty of YouTube, you can see for yourself.


thats a load of stinkpo. He didn’t even say a word. He didn’t even linger around making a scene. The ump thought he would be cool kicking the future 1st overall draft pick out of the game.

That pitch was at least two full ball-widths outside. The umpire blew the call, probably knew it, and made matters worse by not ignoring Harper’s (alebit immature) swipe in the dirt. Umpires need to officiate the game, not become part of it.

In umpire school you are taught to chunk anybody who draws lines of where they thought pitches were.

Somebody who’s been around the game like Harper has to know this.

It’s more disrespectful than words. The crowd can’t hear you argue, they can see you draw a line.

It’s a guaranteed boot every time.

I agree 100% with the call. Arguing balls and strikes is not allowed. It doesn’t have to be verbal. Welcome to the bigs young’n.


This is the zone-drawing manuever that got Ichiro ejected for the first time in his career. I think it’s standard ump response.

If Ichiro gets run for this, Mr. Harper surely gets run.

Though, terrible call. Joyce-esque?

Not even in the same realm as what Ichiro did… Ichiro looked back at the ump, who then made the punch out gesture TOWARDS Ichiro… and Ichiro put the end of his bat where he thought the ball was…

Bryce Harper walked off and appeared to be using the ‘drawing the line’ thing as an excuse to fling dirt at the umpire… watch it again. That’s much more than drawing a line in the dirt.

how can anyone defend this action? when did it become ok in our sports society to argue every call and show up an umpire? especially in college. when i played in college my coach would have had us running poles for days if we got kicked out of a game. And Harper should be mature enough to know his team needs him in the World Series, therefore he can’t do ANYTHING to get booted from a game. And for those who said it wasn’t a big deal…drawing a line in the dirt at home plate, no matter how non-chalant it is, is a major offense. Its baseball etiquette 101, especially at the college level. Harper got what he deserved!

Not only did the umpire make a terrible call, but he did it enthusiastically, making a big dramatic show about it. Clearly he’s auditioning for the big leagues, where hot-head umpires all seem to think they should be taking center stage.

I don’t see anyone defending Harper’s actions. It was stupid of him to do that. The question is whether or not those actions warranted getting tossed. I played in college and have drawn a couple of lines myself…and didn’t get tossed. And I’ve umped scores of games behind the plate, and had a few lines drawn for me, as well. I never tossed anyone for just that. The job of the umpire is to interpret the rules correctly, call the game fairly, and keep things moving. Maybe I’ve just got thick skin.

Why is the draft tracker so severely lacking in videos this year? Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the draft reports, but there used to be a lot more scouting videos when the draft tracker came out. Will there be more videos posted than just the draft report videos?

That umpire is a joke Harper did not say a word and did not hang around to say anything all he did was let his bat drag in the sand the ump is just jealous becasue in a little over a week Harper will have more money then he well see in his lifetime this is just pitiful on the umps part.

First off, the ball/strike call by the umpire looked pretty poor to me. Second, Harper’s behavior was very tame. He did not react in a boisterous way AND then draw a line in the sand. His action was pretty innocuous. Of course, when an umpire makes a pitiful call like the one we just saw on the video, he gets defensive. I think it is comical that actions like the one we witnessed are examples of Harper having a bad attitude. What a joke. It’s great to have a video so we can all see just how “bad” Harper is.

“You also had an umpire (Don Gilmore) who in calling out Harper on strikes and then quickly ejecting him displayed more theatrics than a Shakespearean actor and a National Junior College Athletic Association official saying this shortly after Iowa Western’s win Thursday: “That’s the most enjoyable win out here. There are times when you want a certain team to win.””
Check out the quote from the ump after the game. Do you think he may have been leaning a particular way when he rung up Harper on the questionable call or made the decision to throw the kid out of the series?

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