Indians have not signed LeVon Washington

There were early reports that the Indians and second-round pick LeVon Washington had agreed to a deal worth $1.55 million. Since that initial report, there’s been a little backtracking, with a report via Twitter saying that the deal “wasn’t quite done” and correctly pointing out that no over-slot deal would be announced this early. Those kinds of things dont’ happen until August.

The Indians, however, say it’s nowhere close to being “not quite done,” that Cleveland hasn’t even spoken with Washington at this point.

“We absolutely do not have any agreements across the board,” said Indians assistant general manager John Mirabelli. “Our approach was based on ability and talent. We selected what we thought was the best player. Hopefully, we will get many of them signed.”


Hey Jonathan does it boder you that some teams have pobove slot deals “almost” done but theycan’t announce it just to apease the commisioner?? It boders me because this kids lose out on a good month of exposure to pro ball, and its really stupid because they are going to sign anyways so its really nonsensical.

Also it looks like even spams read you blog.

Yeah, not sure what that spam is about. Guess it means I’ve arrived!

I don’t think it’s just to appease the commissioner. There’s also some nervousness there. Many teams don’t want to be the first ones to set the proverbial over-slot bar. It’s kind of like a team that wants to sign a free agent, but doesn’t want to set the market level for that kind of player.

That being said, I see your point. Of course, you could make the argument that if a kid wanted to play that badly, he could sign for slot and be ready to go. Just ask Drew Storen how that’s worked out for him. But yes, the system is far from perfect and this is yet another thing that could be at least partially fixed/addressed with a hard slotting system.

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