Draft update

I know I owe you some more MiLB Pitcher of the Year candidates and I promise I’ll get to that soon.

But with news of the potential signing of No. 10 overall pick Michael Choice (A’s), I thought it’d be a good time to update what was going on with other first rounders. Once Choice is officially signed — looks like tomorrow will be a good day for that — that will make just 13 of 32 first-rounders who have signed and two of the top 10: Colon and Choice.

There’s not much to report on the top three. I’m fairly confident in that Bryce Harper, Jameson Taillon and Manny Machado will be last-minute, up against the deadline deals. The same for No. 5 pick Drew Pomeranz (with his workload at Ole Miss, that might not be a bad thing for the Indians).

No. 6 pick Barret Loux has the whole injury situation. He failed his physical and now things are kind of in limbo. I’m told the negotiation process is on-going with the Diamonbacks, so maybe they can come to some kind of discounted deal (like Tim Stauffer and the Padres years back).

No. 7 Matt Harvey is another one who likely will go down to the wire with the Mets.

The Astros and No. 8 pick Delino DeShields continue to have positive negotiations and there was sincere hope something would get done well prior to the deadline.

Look for the Reds and No. 12 pick Yasmani Grandal to work up until that Aug. 16 deadline to try and make a deal.

Nothing to report thus far with the Giants and No. 24 pick Gary Brown.

The Rockies and No. 26 Kyle Parker seem to be far apart, with a deadline set by Parker passing. It’s believed that was a deadline set in order for him to not play football — he didn’t want to leave Clemson in the lurch. But maybe they can work something out where he signs and still plays football in the fall.

That’s it for now. I’ll hop on as I hear things leading up to that August 16 deadline.

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