Red Sox sign second-round pick Brandon Workman

The Red Sox have come to terms with second-round pick Brandon Workman, signing him to an above-slot deal of $800,000. The University of Texas standout was taken with the No. 57 overall pick in the Draft.

News of taht signing came on the heels that the Sox had also gone over-slot to ink their third-round pick, high school infielder Sean Coyle. The Eastern Pennsylvania product was signed away from his University of North Carolina commitment for $1.3 million. He’s the first third-rounder to get a seven-figure bonus.

The Red Sox are still working on signing fourth-round pick Garin Cecchini and supplemental first round pick Anthony Ranaudo, both of whom will likely take above-slot deals to get done.

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In this day and age of technology, it’s my opinion that allowing managers to request a limited number of instant replay reviews per game would only make the game better. Derek (the cheater) Jeter just convinced the umpires that he was struck by a pitched ball when everyone watching on TV clearly saw AND HEARD the ball hit the end of his bat – not him! He should not have been given 1st base, his teammate should not have been given an RBI on his homer and NYY’s score should be one less! Joe Maddon tried to reason with the umpires but they didn’t want to hear it and he was ejected. Tampa Bay would have a 2-run lead over NY right now (top of the 8th) if Maddon had the ability to request a review. MLB needs to wake up.

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