Day Three of AFL Aneurysm Awareness Week

We’re through three days of Brain Aneurysm Awareness Week in the Arizona Fall League …

As a reminder, the Joe Niekro Foundation
and the Arizona Fall League are working together again this year to
raise awareness and funds for research on brain aneurysms. As part of
that, we’re counting strikeouts from the pitchers in each of the seven
organizations Joe Niekro pitched for over the course of his Major League
career. Natalie Niekro, Joe’s daughter and founder of the foundation is
donating $36 per strikeout for all K’s from those organizations this
week. In addition, the Cubs, Tigers, Twins and Yankees have agreed to
make a similar donation for their pitchers’ strikeouts as well. And Linda Inglett (find out about her at is chipping in with $10 per K as well.

Here’s the update from Wednesday (it was a very good day):

Twins — 6
Astros — 4
Yankees — 2
Cubs — 2
Total: 14 K

Amount raised for the day: $504 (Niekro donation) + $288 (team donation) + $140 (Linda) = $932

Add that to the first two days and we’ve got a grand total of: $1808

David Bromberg probably wasn’t thrilled with his outing, but he deserves kudos for his 4-K contribution to this cause. The overall standings:

Twins — 9
Astros — 6
Tigers — 4
Cubs — 3
Yankees — 3
Padres — 1

As for Star of the Day, we have to stay on the mound for Wednesday. Eric Hurley was ahurley.JPG first-round pick of the Rangers back in 2004, taken 30th overall. He spent three-plus seasons in the Minors before making his big-league debut in 2008. That would also be the last time he would pitch competitively until now, in the Arizona Fall League, thanks to shoulder surgery (left wrist surgery to his left wrist didn’t help, but didn’t really keep him off the mound so much). Had things gone according to plan, he might be in the Rangers rotation during the World Series. Instead, he’s trying to get some innings under his belt with the Surprise Rafters. On Wednesday, he made them count, firing five shutout innings. The right-hander, now 25, allowed only two hits and walked none while striking out the Rafters shut out the Saguaros, 7-0.

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