Final tally for AFL Aneurysm Awareness Week

Saturday was the final day of Brain Aneurysm Awareness Week, the effort held in the Arizona Fall League in conjunction with the Joe Niekro Foundation.

They worked together this year to
raise awareness and funds for research on brain aneurysms. As part of
that, we counted strikeouts from the pitchers in each of the seven
organizations Joe Niekro pitched for over the course of his Major League
career. Natalie Niekro, Joe’s daughter and founder of the foundation is
donating $36 per strikeout for all K’s from those organizations this
week. In addition, the Cubs, Tigers, Twins and Yankees have agreed to
make a similar donation for their pitchers’ strikeouts as well. And Linda Inglett (find out about her at is chipping in with $10 per K as well.

(Other ways to get involved: You can always text STRIKEOUT to 20222 to donate $10 to the Joe Niekro Foundation  any time you want. The Joe Niekro Foundation is having their annual big shindig in Houston on Saturday, Nov. 13 at Minute Maid Park. It’s called the Knuckle Ball
(get it?). It’s a fantastic, fancy-shmancy dinner/fund-raiser that
brings in a lot of money to help the Foundation do its very important
work. I’ll be there (hope the ol’ tux still fits). You can be to,
hobnobbing with some of the greats of baseball, bidding on fantastic
auction items, seeing outstanding live entertainment, all while helping a
fantastic charity.)

Lets take a look to see how many K’s were record on Friday and Saturday for this cause:

Friday saw just four strikeouts, courtesy of the Padres’ Alexis Lara and the Braves’ Benino Pruneda. That brought in $112 total, to bring the grand total to $2320.

As for Saturday…it was a much more productive day:

Cubs — 5
Padres — 5
Tigers — 3
Yankees –1
Braves — 1

That’s 15 strikeouts in total. Nice way to finish up. The donation for Saturday is:

$540 (Natalie Niekro’s donation)+$150 (Linda’s donation)+$324 (team donation) = $1014

That’s the highest one-day total for the week! And it brings the overall total of money raised for the Joe Niekro Foundation to: $3334.

The final team standings:

Twins — 9
Cubs — 8
Padres — 8
Tigers — 7
Yankees — 7
Astros — 6
Braves — 3

Thanks to the four teams who agreed to participate, an additional $1116 was added. So next time you run into someone from the Twins Cubs, Tigers or Yankees, thank them for the help. And if you ever meet Linda Inglett, thank her for all that she’s doing for this issue, including the $480 she’s contributing to the Joe Niekro Foundation as a result of this effort.

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