A quick hello

With this year’s Top 50 prospects list coming on Tuesday (be sure to watch on MLB.com and MLB Network at 9 p.m. ET), life has been a little crazy in B3 land, but I wanted to at least send out a quick hello to everyone who may have been wondering why the blog has been so quiet lately.

Hopefully, you’ve been reading my series on Top 10 prospects by position. In case you haven’t, the Top 10 Outfielders is currently live (and you can find links to the others). RHP and LHP close it out tomorrow.

I’ve also got a story on the 2011 Draft order, now that all Type A free agents have signed. Someone on Twitter asked what the sandwich round will look like. There’s still one Type B FA out there (Felipe Lopez) and the Red Sox will get a comp pick for him whenever he signs. But that said, here’s what the supplemental first-round will look like, I think (some teams with multiple picks, it  might not be precisely the right player associted with the compensatin at this point):

34 Nationals (Adam Dunn)
35 Blue Jays (Scott Downs)
36 Red Sox (Victor Martinez)
37 Rangers (Cliff Lee)
38 Rays (Carl Crawford)
39 Phillies (Jayson Werth)
40 Red Sox (Adrian Beltre)
41 Rays (Grant Balfour)
42 Rays (Rafael Soriano)
43 Diamondbacks (Adam LaRoche)
44 Mets (Pedro Feliciano)
45 Rockies (Octavio Dotel)
46 Blue Jays (John Buck)
47 White Sox (JJ Putz)
48 Padres (Jon Garland)
49 Giants (Juan Uribe)
50 Twins (Orlando Hudson)
51 Yankees (Javier Vazquez)
52 Rays (Randy Choate)
53 Blue Jays (Miguel Olivo)
54 Padres (Kevin Correia)
55 Twins (Jesse Crain)
56 Rays (Joaquin Benoit)
57 Blue Jays (Kevin Gregg)
58 Padres (Yorvit Torrealba)
59 Rays  (Brad Hawpe)
60 Rays (Randy Choate)

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