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Boy, oh boy, do we have an exciting spring planned. It’s hard to believe it’s already here, with pitchers and catchers reporting very soon.

As you may have noticed, we’re stepping up our prospect coverage. First there were the Top 10 by position stories, then of course the overall Top 50 was unveiled.

And perhaps you saw my story on the next wave of young catchers coming up to the big leagues.

Coming up soon…. Top 10 by organization. That’s right, folks. We’ll have ranked Top 10 lists for all 30 teams coming in the near future, complete with video segments. Look for those starting around the end of the month and throughout March. As always, these lists and the organization previews, are sure to stir up debate which is, after all, the point of doing them.

We’re also going to have a Draft Top 50 prospects list. I’m working on it now.

By the way, if you want to keep track of all this stuff, check out my vanity page, I mean, the place where my stories can be found. Let’s call it the Look at Me page, shall we?

One thing I’m the first to admit I haven’t been so great about covering has been prospects from international markets, especially Latin America. You know, the MIguel Sano types before they sign, or as they sign, with MLB teams. I’m going to try and improve upon that in 2011 and thanks to the Dominican Prospect League, there’s a lot more information at the ready.

Case in point, the Mariners’ recent signing of Gaby Guerrero, Vlad’s nephew. The M’s got him for 400K and the DPL has some good scouting info on the young outfielder, who looks a bit like his uncle when you watch him.

This is what the DPL has to say about Guerrero:

Gaby is 6’2 180lb with an XL frame much like his uncle Vladimir
Guerrero. The resemblance is noticeable from a distance and his tools
have certain similarities. His has arm strength, ability to put the ball
in play and power potential. Gaby’s swing can be long and loopy at
times but he creates leverage and power through the zone with loop. 

Good stuff, no? And they’ve got video to boot. It may not be the most telling piece of film you’ll ever see, but considering we normally don’t get to glimpse these guys at all until they come to the U.S., this is pretty cool stuff.

Take a look. We’re just getting cranking on the 2011 season, prospect style, so keep
checking back in for coverage here, there and everywhere.

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