OMG: Houston Astros

Here’s your Houston Astros’ Top 10 prospects list and now, here’s OMG (One More Guy) from their system:

kvasnicka.jpgMike Kvasnicka, C: Initially an outfielder at the University of Minnesota, Kvasnicka moved behind the plate and became a much more intriguing prospect. He ended up going at the front of the sandwich round (No. 33 overall) and was in many first-round conversations as the Draft approached.

Kvasnicka has a good approach at the plate, from both sides of the plate. He hasn’t shown much power to date, though he has a very good line-drive stroke. He should hit for average and some power will come as he develops. He’s got a very strong arm, his best defensive tool that should work well behind the plate, especially if he learns the nuances of catching. That being said, it looks like he’s mostly going to play third this year. He’s not bad athletically and probably should adjust to the position eventually (and that arm will play just fine there, too).

Hopefully, the Astros will settle on a defensive home for Kvasnicka soon. He might have the most value behind the plate, though perhaps he’ll be able to advanced faster if he doesn’t have to worry about learning that craft. His bat should allow him to move fairly quickly.

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