OMG: Florida Marlins

Take a look at the Marlins’ Top 10 prospects. Now here’s OMG (One More Guy) from their system:

Koehler.jpgTom Koehler, RHP: He hasn’t generated much buzz because he’s not a “big name” prospect and doesn’t have huge stuff. But all he’s done is pitch well as he’s moved up the ladder. And now he might be knocking on the big league door.

Drafted in the 18th round of the 2008 Draft out of renowned baseball powerhouse SUNY Stony Brook (yes, that’s sarcasm), Koehler pitched at two levels in his first full season. He was fine at both levels of A ball, going 9-6 combined with a 3.25 ERA over 133 innings. But he was 23, so it wasn’t too much to get excited about.

Then he moved up to Double-A last year. All he did was lead the system in wins and strikeouts, going 16-2 with 145 K’s in 158 2/3 IP. If it weren’t for his Jacksonville teammate Elih Villanueva and his 2.26 ERA, Koehler’s 2.61 would have led the system and he would have captured the organization’s pitching triple crown.

Perhaps once thought to be a non-prospect type too old for his level. But now he’ll turn 25 in June and be pitching just a phone call away in Triple-A. He might not have the biggest ceiling in the world, but he could be a very good innings eater in the back of a rotation.

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