OMG: New York Mets

Once upon a time, it was a difficult task to find 10 prospects in the Mets system worth talking about. And while the Mets still don’t have the best minor league organization in the game, it’s come a ways. So it wasn’t too hard to come up with a solid Top 10 prospects list, or even an OMG (One More Guy) from their system:

Sean Ratliff was a Florida State League All-Star in 2010.

Sean Ratliff, OF: I’m not exactly sure why he doesn’t get more attention in this system. It’s not that he’s the  most exciting prospect in the world, but he’s put up some solid numbers in his two full seasons. The Mets system has guys like this — not the “sexiest” prospects in the world. Maybe they don’t have the highest ceiling in the world, maybe their tools don’t jump out at you, but they keep advancing and they will be big leaguers. And hey, you never know… it’s not like Ike Davis was the biggest prospect in the world and that’s worked out OK so far, right?

Ratliff, 24, was a fourth-round pick of the Mets out of Stanford in 2008. In his first full season, he was a  South Atlantic League All-Star, finishing the year with 15 homers, 74 RBIs and 11 steals. Yes, he struck out 141 times and drew only 31 walks.

In 2010, he began the year in the Florida State League and was an All-Star there, too. He got bumped up to Double-A and hit better there. Overall, he finished with a .298/.353/.505 line. His 21 homers put him in a tie for third in the system as did his 80 RBIs. There were the 138 K’s and 40 walks — there’s always going to be some swing and miss to his game.  But there’s legitimate power from the left side. Even if he ends up part of a platoon — though he hit lefties well — he could be a good 4th outfielder, at the very least, in the next year or so.

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