OMG: Philadelphia Phillies

In case you missed it, here’s the Top 10 Prospects for the Philadelphia Phillies. And here’s OMG (One More Guy) from their system:

Scott Mathieson, RHP: Now 27, Mathieson doesn’t fit the typical description of a prospect, but since he still has rookie eligibility, he officially counts by my standards. And his perseverance deserves some attention.

Scott Mathieson should see time in the big leagues as a reliever in 2011.

Typically, when a guy has two Tommy John surgeries, you’re not writing much of anything about him. But once a solid starting pitching prospect who was a Futures Game participant (He’s Canadian) back in 2005, he’s reinvented himself as a reliever. After being in that Futures Game in ’05, he had a big year in 2006 and made it to the big leagues. But he had his first surgery in September of that year and missed all but eight innings of the 2007 season. He didn’t pitch at all in 2008 and managed 32 1/3 IP in ’09  (Surgery No. 2 came in 2008).

In 2009, he came back as a reliever and it seemed to suit him well. Last year, he was Lehigh Valley’s closer, leading the organization, and finishing second in the International League, with 26 saves. As a reliever, he’s struck out 11.6 per nine innings. His two big-league stints in 2010 didn’t go so well, but he had a solid spring. He didn’t make the 25-man when camp broke, so you might see him closing again in Lehigh Valley, at least until he gets another shot. Considering most probably thought he was done, he’s far exceeded expectations.

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