OMG: Toronto Blue Jays

The last, and final OMG (One More Guy). I mean, like OMG, I can’t believe this never-ending series is done.

But I digress. Here’s the Blue Jays’ Top 10. And here’s OMG from their system:

Jacob Marisnick is currently playing in the Midwest League

Jacob Marisnick, OF: It’s a testament to how far the Blue Jays’ system has come that Marisnick wasn’t in my Top 10. Some others had him there (BA had him at No. 10, though that list was produced before Brett Lawrie came aboard), but a couple of years ago, a player like this would have likely ranked much higher.

The 2009 third-rounder is a terrific athlete who made his pro debut a year ago after signing at the deadline back in ’09. He has the chance to have all five tools going on the field. He can play center field for right now, but he might end up being a qualitiy right fielder, with the bat and strong throwing arm to fit there.

While it might take him a while — he’s continuing to work on refining his hitting skills — he has the potential to hit for good power, run well and play a good outfield. He got a full-season assignment and had gotten off to a solid start with Lansing.


Now that this series is over will there be draft reports? Please tell me will be releasing draft reports like they have been the last four years.

tried posting on the back field a few hrs ago so guess will try here.

Mr Mayo, Who in the AL do you think might get called up soon?

Mike — Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. As for AL prospects who could get called up soon, I’d say Desmond Jennings (TB) is a good place to start. And I have to think that if Brett Lawrie (TOR) keeps it up, he’ll get a callup at some point soon. Depending on what goes on with the Yankees starting rotation, someone from that AAA rotation could get called up (Hector Noesi got a call to fill in the bullpen already). Other potentials: Mike Moustakas/Eric Hosmer (KC), Ben Revere (MIN), Andy Oliver (DET), Lonnie Chisenhall (CLE), Chris Carter (OAK), Dustin Ackley (SEA). That should get you started …

Joshua — Yes, Draft Reports are in the works. So is our first ever Draft prospect Top 50. Stay tuned.

No delay from you. I wouldn’t exspect a reply at 6am. I was just waiting for my comment to post, but it never did… so I reposted.

Thank you

BTW… I’m going to like the top 50 update every week….glad you started it.

Glad you like it. Might not happen this week, but I’ll be sure to have it starting next week.

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