Draft: Dylan Bundy and his throwing program

A story on Yahoo! Sports stated that top high school pitching prospect Dylan Bundy has told some teams — including the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals — not to select him because of concerns those teams would force him to abandon his long-tossing program. You can read Jeff Passan’s story here.

Bundy uses a program where he’ll throw from distances up to 300 feet, something some teams don’t do. A discussion about the success of different throwing programs is a subject for another time. The question now is if Bundy is indeed instructing teams to stay away from him because of this, or any other, issue.

Based on conversations I’ve had with those two teams — picking first and fifth, respectively — this is news to them. The Royals told me that they have not communicated with Bundy regarding this subject in any fashion. The Pirates echoed that, saying they were unaware of any such concerns or demands.

This is not to say that Bundy doesn’t have concerns about continuing his slightly unorthodox workouts. But at least according to the two teams referenced in the story, he has not vocalized it to them. There has been a very big price tag being mentioned with Bundy and there are those who feel that the bonus demands, and maybe this talk about the throwing program, are designed to steer him to a specific club. There’s no buzz about which team that is, but this is bound to get more interesting as we get closer to the Draft.

Bundy, by the way, is ranked No. 5 in our Top 50 talent list and I had him No. 2, to the Mariners, in my first mock draft.

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