Minor League All-Stars: South Atlantic League

We’re quickly approaching the time of year where the various full-season leagues in the Minors have their respective All-Star breaks. The rosters for those games are often stocked with legitimate prospects, especially at the lower levels. So I thought it would be a  fun exercise to look at the rosters and cross-reference it with the Top 50 prospects list, as well as the team and positional Top 10s, all of which can be found over on the Prospect Watch. Today, we’ll take a look at the South Atlantic League, whose All-Star Game will take place on June 21 in Delmarva.

North Division

Jameson Taillon, Pirates: No. 13 on Top 50; No. 1 on Pirates Top 10; No. 3 on RHP Top 10

Manny Machado, Orioles: No. 18 on Top 50; No. 1 on Orioles Top 10; No. 1 on SS Top 10

Bryce Harper, Nationals: No. 2 on Top 50; No. 1 on Nationals Top 10; No. 2 on OF Top 10

Trayce Thompson, White Sox: No. 6 on White Sox Top 10

Christian Yelich, Marlins: No. 3 on Marlins Top 10

South Division

Jio Mier, Astros: No. 5 on Astros Top 10

Kyle Parker, Rockies: No. 5 on Rockies Top 10

Slade Heathcott, Yankees: No. 8 on Yankees Top 10

Cory Vaughn, Mets: No. 7 on Mets Top 10

Using an oh-so-scientific system of giving 5 points for a Top 50 player; 3 points for a Top 10 position player and 2 points for a Top 10 organizational player, we end up with:

North: 34

South: 8

Hmm, not so close on paper in terms of prospect status. So I’ll guesstimate the South will win, 3-2.


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