Blue Jays, Beede agree to disagree

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, it seems nearly certain that Blue Jays top pick (No. 21 overall) Tyler Beede will not join the organization and will honor his commitment to Vanderbilt University.

The right-hander from Massachusetts was thought to be a tough sign heading into the Draft, with commitments to Vanderbilt particularly hard to talk a high schooler out of honoring. The Jays, in an early sign they would be very aggressive in the Draft, took Beede with their first selection. It turned out to be the first of several intriguing picks for Toronto. The Blue Jays still have several unsigned picks among the several they had early in the Draft.

If, indeed, Beede does head to Vanderbilt and negotiations are done, perhaps Toronto can focus attention on second-round pick Daniel Norris, another high schooler believed to be a tough sign.

Beede would continue a trend of New England talent heading to Tennessee to join Vanderbilt’s program. Beede would be eligible for the Draft again in 2014.

The deadline for signings is on Aug. 15 at midnight (technically, Aug. 16), so there remains a small glimmer of hope that the two sides could resume discussions and Beede could become a Blue Jay. That certainly has happened in the past, with plenty of movement occurring with the pressure of the deadline looming, but according to the source, there are no more talks scheduled. That makes it sounds as if Toronto would go without their top pick. If that holds true, they would receive compensation in the 2012 Draft at pick 21A, the 22nd pick in the first round as of right now.

Plenty more Draft news to come…


The Jays have signed two of their top two-round picks in Joe Musgrove and Jacob Anderson.

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Check your facts. The Blue Jays have signed Joe Musgrove.

Yup, good call. Sorry, had old list. Musgrove signed; Anderson not official yet.

And now it’s been fixed. Thank you.

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Probably just posturing by Beede leading up to the deadline. We heard the same thing last year with McGuire.

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I really do not care that much lets get the ones we going!

Ryan —

While we won’t know for 100 percent certain if it’s posturing, I don’t think it is at this point. That doesn’t mean things couldn’t heat up again as the deadline approaches. Keep in mind that McGuire didn’t have the leverage that Beede does. Yes, McGuire could have gone back to Georgia Tech for his senior season, but no one really expects a college junior taken that high to do that. For Beede, the commitment to Vanderbilt is very real. Again, there’s that small possibility that things could shift as midnight on Monday comes, but I really don’t think it’s pure posturing by Beede at this point.

The Jay’s have pretty significant leverage I would think to with the rumoured hard cap coming on rookie contracts.

What is the chances in 4 years with a strict slotting system that he can exceed the kind of money Toronto is probably offering him now (I would guess 3-3.5 Million)? Big risk for a kid to hope he stays injury free for 4 years and not have others surpass him in development to retain a high draft standing.

Unless Beede’s pricetag either increased or was much higher than the Jays anticipated, I almost can’t believe that they wouldn’t dish out the $3M or even $3.5M that it might take to sign him.

Vernon is gone. There’s plenty of coin for this.

Gotta say. I’m not happy reading this. KLaw is speculating that perhaps the Jays are walking away cause of a ‘pre-draft deal’ investigation that they want no part of. If true, what a screw up….that being said…I’m not sure what MLB could possibly prove.

I really hope you source is completely wrong cause I’ve been a big AA fan since he took over and not signing Beede would leave a real sour taste in my mouth.

Well, two things to consider. Beede could go to Vanderbilt and end up one of the top 3-4 players in the Draft. Then the money would be there.

Second, and I don’t want to appear to take a side here — but it is actually possible that the kid just wants to go to school. It’s one of the best programs in the country, in a great conference (the SEC). Oh, and it’s a good school academically, too. I know cynics out there will laugh — but it is possible that Beede is just as happy to head to Vandy.

Also a very good point. He did state he did not want to be drafted didn’t he? I guess it would be very strange to see such a great talent to refuse to play pro ball because he wants an education instead but it is indeed possible.

When they first signed him, AA said he had done his homework and got to know the kid, and all signs pointed to him wanted to be in the Major Leagues. AA was really confident that they could sign him. It’s just really all about money. The Deck McGuire signing was just like half hour before the deadline, and I see this going the same way.

Right. But Beede hasn’t even been going to his Vanderbuilt classes so, it has looked all along like he was going to sign, thus posturing now.

all vandy fans are hoping that Beede comes to Nashville and ends up developing the way David Price and Mike Minor did when they were here

I think your continued point about Beede wanting to go to Vandy is very valid. While he keeps tweeting that he won’t decide until the 15th….you don’t have to look any further than his twitter background that has Vandy PLASTERED all over it…I didn’t see a Blue Jays logo there….

Mr Mayo,
Who are some of the AL players we should see called up soon…and be producers?


Unless you seriously believe that Beede can be a top 5 pick in 3-4 years he will not get this type of money with a hard slotted system. I love the argument that he would rather have an education in case he fails in the majors or blows out his arm. If that was the case 3 mil would buy you a house and provide a comfortable living just off of the interest 3mil can earn in a year. If he is really that good then he can be in the majors in 4 years instead of 6-7 if he goes to college, and then he will also hit FA a few years earlier as well, earning him even more money. So I still fail to see a reason to go to Vanderbilt.
If he signs or not, it will be the test of whether he really has the drive and desire to be in the majors.

we better have some last minute signings here, or this is a terrible draft.
Come on AA, you’ve got a lot of positive momentum within your club, lets not lower the ceiling now!
To me, AA’s stock is completely riding on his ability to sign the players he drafts, or draft signable players, as the case may be.

they are better off not signing him and getting another pick next year they have drafted too many pitchers and have a glut of them in their systems yes you can have too much of a good thing only one pither can pitch at a time

The Jays so far have failed to sign about 40 of their 54 selection but have signed a few players not good enough to be drafted plus a 26 year old cuban who is in the Gulf Coast League with 18 and 19 year olds. AA talks a lot but if he fails to sign at least 90% of the top 20 selection, he will not have done his job. The team now has more scouts than anyone but signing the players is imperative.

Doesn’t really matter if they get Beede or not in my opinion. Last I checked the Jays had 11 high schoolers chosen in the first 10 rounds they hadn’t signed. Spread some of the Beede money around and get more of the high school kids in the system. To me, that’s probably a better strategy anyway. Take 2 picks in the first round in next year’s weaker draft class.
AA always has a plan guys. Have some faith, I wouldn’t stress at all if they don’t sign him. Even without him they could have one of the best drafts because of all the high risk high reward players they drafted (if they can sign most of them).

I love the commentary guys, keep it coming (on this and other news as it trickles in this weekend). Sorry it took me a while to approve some — i was travelling to Chicago for the UnderArmour All-America Game (that’s right, 2012 draftees).

A few commments on your comments…

Shane – You can’t read into anything about Beede not attending classes. First, according to Vandy’s site, classes don’t start until Aug. 24. Move-in day isn’t even until Aug. 18. But even if classes had started, he’d have waited until after the deadline. Posturing or not, if he sets foot in a classroom, he can’t negotiate with a team, ending any possibility of signing at all. But since classes haven’t actually started yet, that’s a moot point.

OKGOJAYS85 — A couple of things. First, there’s no guarantee there’s going to be a hard slotting system. Yes the threat of one should act as leverage for some, but some might be willing to roll the dice. Not everyone thinks it’s something that will be approved in the next CBA. Second, I’m going to question your math as it pertains to how long it would hypothetically take him to get to the big leagues if he does go to Vanderbilt. If you look at recent history of starters coming out of that program, I don’t think 6-7 years is right. I’m not saying Tyler Beede is going to be David Price or Mike Minor, but if he continues to develop over three years, there’s no way it’ll take him 3-4 more years to get to the big leagues. Just saying.

It’s funny, I tend to be the cynical type, but it amazes me how someone can question a kid’s desire to be a professional pitcher because he decides he wants the college experience first. Forget about the “get an education in case something goes wrong” idea — though I think with Beede that’s valid, by the way — but just learning from Corbin and his staff at a program that wins in the best conference in the country and churns out top arms (Sonny Gray is next from this year’s Draft) year after year. There’s just as much reason to believe Beede will be better after three years there as there is to believe those who think he’s wasting his time.

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This appears to be quite serious. The owner of the Rays said that this year’s draft was the most important in franchise history. Teams like the Rays and Jays MUST build through the draft because, money being equal, the Boston, NY, Philly and a few other places are more attractive destinations for free agents, IMO. The importance of stockpiling pitching is that you can sell it for bats — see Brett Lawrie. The argument that not signing Beede frees up more money to sign others is ridiculous. Anthopolous has already said that he will not overspend for anyone. This is the whole reason Beede is not signed. If he was going to break his own rule, surely it would be for Beede. Don’t want to be glass half empty, but if this team does not sign its top high-school picks there will be a lot of big bubbles in the pipeline to the majors!

Johnathan, would love to see what your thoughts are on Toronto native and OF Gareth Morgan at the UA showcase. He’s actually a 2014 pick (Yeah, he’s 15 years old!) but he looks like a beast already. Looking forward to hearing your thought

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check out my blog at and I dont think that Bead will sign I think he wants to play for a National league team

any late word on Beede and whether he will sign or not?

I hope he doesn’t sign anything until August 16th-LOL

Surely it’s a disappointment for the club to have lost out on Tyler Beede, their first-rounder– the only team in the Majors to have done so– but they do get the pick back next year.

Tyler Beede will be much better off by spending three years at Vanderbilt versus signing a contract.

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