Moore is less?

Matt Moore pitched one game in a doubleheader on Sunday and while it wasn’t his best outing — a no-decision after allowing three runs on six hits and four walks over six innings — he did strike out six.

That, for those of you not paying attention, brought his season total to 200 strikeouts. Not only does that put him third in professional baseball, behind just Justin Verlander and Clayton Kershaw, it also gives the lefty Rays prospect (No. 3 on’s current Top 50 list) his second consecutive 200-K season in the Minors. Last year, he became the first Minor Leaguer to top that mark since Francisco Liriano did it back in 2005. This year, he’s been joined by Edwar Cabrera (Rockies) and Trevor May (Phillies), so Moore may not take home his third consecutive Minor League strikeout title.

But still, 200 strikeouts in back-to-back seasons. That’s something that rarely happens. In fact, according to my research, the last time it happened was when Sid Fernandez had 223 K’s in 1982 and 209 in 1983 (that second one was a bit overshadowed by Dwight Gooden’s 300-strikeout season in the Minors).

And yet, I can’t seem to find anything written about the feat. I know it was split over two seasons, but I thought with the proliferation of prospect coverage, it would’ve been a note somewhere? In fairness, I didn’t complete an exhaustive search, but it doesn’t seem to have registered on most radars.

So, then, let me be the first to congratulate Moore on the accomplishment. He won’t have a three-peat because something tells me he’ll be spending a lot of time in Tampa in the near future.


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