A little more international flavor

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a tendency to be a little too much North America-driven when it comes to prospects. It’s not that I’m so myopic in my views. I actually think it comes more from the fact that I’m so Draft-focused for much of the year, I tend to think of those guys first.

So when I was writing yesterday’s post about the start of various prospect-related games, I only mentioned Team USA when discussing international play and the World Cup in Panama.

There are, of course, many good prospects playing for other teams in this tournament. The U.S. found that out in their first game, losing to Puerto Rico, 8-4. Puerto Rico’s leadoff hitter is Reymond Fuentes, currently No. 4 on the Padres’ Top 10 Prospects list (and No. 8 on the outfield list, by the way). He had two hits and two runs scored. First baseman Neftali Soto led the Reds system in homers with 31 and made it up to Triple-A at age 22. He had two hits and an RBI against the U.S.  (Travis d’Arnaud, one of the Top 50 guys mentioned yesterday, had a pair of doubles and an RBI in a losing effort; Brett Jackson went 1-for-3).

To try and move past my narrow focus, I’ll post about the other international prospects as they play in the tournament in Panama.

We’re not far from the first pitch of the Arizona Fall League, so I leave you with this question of the day (feel free to leave thoughts/answers in comments):

What one prospect are you most looking forward to seeing perform in the AFL this year?

My two cents: I’ll say Gerrit Cole. Not that watching Trout and Harper will be bad, but we’ve seen them perform this year. Cole will be making his unofficial debut and I’m really interested in seeing how the No. 1 overall pick fares.

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Anthony Gose is always fun to watch.

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