Remembering Greg Halman

Yesterday, as I tried to get reaction to the tragic news of Greg Halman’s death, I tried to make some sense of it. I was certainly not alone in that futile effort. In the end, there is no sense to be made and the best anyone can do is try to remember the mark this young man left on those who’s path he crossed.

I was reminded of that particularly by an email I received yesterday. It came from Lynda Goldstein, who reached out to tell her story of how she and her husband came to know Halman. Rather than try to find the right words myself, I’m going to let her do it (with her permission):

My husband and I live in Florida (transplanted New Yorkers and avid Yankees fans). We were at the 2008 Superbowl in Phoenix Arizona for the Giants/Patriots game.  We were staying at the hotel where the Seattle  farm teams practiced.  The sports complex was across the street from our hotel.  We would sit in the lobby in the morning and in the afternoon when the guys would come in from their day of practice. We started up a friendship with Greg and a friend of his on the team, Alex Liddi.  We can not tell you what a wonderful young man he was and he tugged at our hearts and we just could never forget him. We were there for several days and had great conversations with the young men.

We told them both that we would follow their careers and we were true to our word. When Greg was playing for the Netherlands in Miami for the World Classic Baseball games, we were there.  We arrived at the game early so that we could try to catch him and we did get his attention. He just couldnt believe that we were there to watch him.  We all were so excited!!!!!

I just want to say that when my husband and I heard of this tragedy I called the Mariners office and also e-mailed them. I just want you to know that this young man touched our hearts. I told the Mariners today that they could be so proud as he represented them so well.  He was only 20 when we met him.  We are extremely saddened by his untimely death.  We will never forget that beautiful smile that he had.  We hope and pray that he is smiling down on all of us now.  You were a special young man Greg and I wish I could find your family to let them know how much we  thought of you.

Thank you, Lynda, for being willing to share that. I’ll leave you with this. Back in 2009, Halman attended the Rookie Career Development Program. My colleague at the time Lisa Winston had the pleasure of doing a video interview with him (we do one for each organization every year). Here is a link to that interview.

Greg Halman at the Rookie Career Development Program

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