A few parting Winter Meetings thoughts

I’m home now after another Winter Meetings in the books (for the record, this was my 11th Winter Meetings, third here in Dallas), and I figured I’d leave with a few parting thoughts, of course with a prospect slant.

  • With Mr. Pujols now officially gone from St. Louis, most talk has been about moving Lance Berkman or Allen Craig to first base. I wonder if they’ll give Matt Adams a shot to play somewhere now. Probably unlikely, but that guy can hit.
  • With Mr. Wilson now officially gone from Texas, is there anyone internally who’d get a crack at that rotation? Martin Perez isn’t ready,  maybe a Neil Ramirez type? Of course, Texas could dive into the Yu Darvish sweepstakes (more on him after I get home). Conversely, with the Angels getting him, does that mean a guy like Garrett Richards can get more development time in the Minors?
  • With the Marlins not getting Wilson or Pujols, do they have enough left in the piggy bank to go after Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes?
  • Will the best players not taken in the Rule 5 Draft — Jiwan James, the intriguing story of Drew Cumberland — make people wish they had taken them with strong seasons in 2012?
  • Will anyone provide the A’s with enough prospects to get Gio Gonzalez? Sounds like Oakland is selling high, so we’ll see if a team that needs a starter is willing to bite.

That’s it for now. Take a deep breath and we’ll talk more next week.


Can you give us a quick recap of the rules for keeping players taken in the Triple-A and Double-A portion of the rule 5 draft? Is it the same rules as MLB phase?

Tim (sorry for the delay) — the Triple- and Double-A portions of the Rule 5 are a little “looser” than the Major League phase. There are still roster requirements — you need to have space on your Triple-A roster to take someone in the Triple-A phase, etc — but you don’t have to keep a player at that level all year like you do in the Major League portion. In the Triple-A phase, a team can only take players protected on Double-A rosters and below; likewise in the Double-A phase, only A-level players are available. The cost is much less in the minor league phases and you don’t have to offer players back to the initial team.

Hope that answers your question.

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