The Draft order is out! Woo-hoo!

There’s something about the official release of the Draft order that gets the blood pumping, doesn’t it?

OK, maybe that’s overselling, but it always signifies to me that Draft season is really, truly upon us (Draft season really begins the day after the Draft ends in June, but you know what I mean).

Every year, the Draft brings with it a good number of story lines. But this year has the added intrigue of the new system as dictated by the new agreement that was collectively bargained. Just how will the bonus pools will impact how teams do business remains to be seen, with no one really knowing how it’s going to go.

There are the usual interesting tidbits about who is picking where, who has the most picks (Padres, Blue Jays, Cardinals have six in the first two rounds). But what about the teams that don’t have many picks at all. The Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, for example, will have a wait on their hands before they get to make their first selection.

The Tigers, who are likely getting used to not picking until late (), don’t go until pick No. 91, close to the end of the second round. But that might seem early to the Angels, who’s first turn  comes at pick No. 114, in the third round (thank you, Mr. Pujols and Mr. Wilson).

If you think that’s really late, maybe some kind of record, think again. The Angels would come in at No. 4 on the “latest initial pick” list. Here’s the top 16, thanks to the fine folks at the Commissioner’s Office.

1)      San Francisco – 132 in 2005
2)      Tampa Bay – 132 in 1998
3)      Seattle – 116 in 2000
4)     L.A. Angels — 114 in 2012
5)      Houston – 111 in 2007
6)      NY Yankees – 105 in 1988
7)      Arizona – 103 in 1998
8)      Boston – 102 in 1978
9)      St. Louis – 102 in 2002
10)    NY Yankees – 99 in 1980
11)     Baltimore – 99 in 1985
12)    Kansas City – 98 in 1990
13)    NY Yankees – 93 in 1983
14)    Seattle – 93 in 2004
15)    L.A. Dodgers – 91 in 1991
16)   Detroit – 91 in 2012

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