Draft tidbits

As many of you have hopefully noticed, my latest mock draft went live this morning.

Obviously, things are changing, or at least rumors are flying. I will try, time permitting to do one last run-through of the first round, at least in list form.

For now, here’s what’s being thrown about:

  • It’s very, very quiet in Houston these days, with other teams not even hearing from the team picking No. 1 overall.
  • Royals at No. 5 is first place things could start diverging. They could go with Max Fried or even Carlos Correa. If they go with Fried, the Pirates could go with OF David Dahl, the Marlins would go Andrew Heaney.
  • If Max Fried is there, the Marlins are likely to take him.
  • Rumors about the Pirates still run from Fried to Deven Marrero to the aforementioned Dahl
  • Lucas Giolito remains a huge wild card. There’s been a lot of conjecture about him going somewhere in the middle of the first round, but I don’t have a firm feel from anyone where he’s going to go. One team that picks in the middle of the round said that Giolito priced himself out from their slot. The assigned values on picks 11-20 start at $2.625 million for No. 11 and go down to $1.85 million at No. 20. So someone would have to get creative.

More as time allows

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