Competitive Balance Lottery results

Full story to come, but here are the results of the first Competitive Balance Lottery:


Round A (approx. picks 32-37)

1. Royals

2. Pirates

3. Diamondbacks

4. Orioles

5. Reds

6. Marlins


Round B (approx. picks 70-75)

1. Padres

2. Indians

3. Rockies

4. A’s

5. Brewers

6. Tigers


Will the Mets be drafting at 76 and the Phillies at 96 regardless of where these comp lottery picks end up? I know you’re approximating when you put 70-75, but I would guess these will come way before the Phillies pick (which it looks like you figured those at 68 and 69) and right around when the Mets pick.

How can Round B be around 70-75?. There is only one new pick created for the Pirates failure to sign Appel.
Comp pick do not create new picks since the team’s top pick is eliminated. So only way Padres pick is not 62, is if a team signs Multiple free agents who had been offered $12-13M

jf lawson — You are correct that the only new pick in the 1st round created is for the Pirates (Appel) and that comp picks do not create new picks except for the multiple free agents scenario you mentioned. It also could happen if a team that has a top 10 selection signs one of those free agents.

But… there were 2 unsigned second round picks. So, assuming there aren’t added comp picks for the time being… Round 1 will be 1-31. Round A (from the lottery), will be 32-37. Round 2 will be 38-69. Thus, Round B starts at pick 70.

Jeremy — we don’t know yet where anyone is drafting since the Draft order is based on this year’s reverse order of standings.

Don’t we know that the Pirates will draft 9th, the Mets will draft 76th and the Phillies will draft 96th? Or has that changed if 2nd round picks don’t sign?

Jeremy — you are absolutely correct. I didn’t realize that you meant the compensation picks for the unsigned 2012 selections. My bad. But I those picks for the Mets and Phillies will slide back some because of these lottery picks. So the Mets took Stankiewicz with the 15th pick of the 2nd round this year. They’ll get the 16th pick of the 2nd round in 2013, which as it stands now would be pick 91. The same deal for the Phillies… they’ll get the last pick of the 2nd round.

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