Day 1 at the East Coast Pro Showcase

Three games, about 15 hours at the ballpark here in Syracuse. That’s what the scouts from all 30 organizations took in on Wednesday, the first day of the East Coast Pro Showcase.

The best quote that sums up what people feel so far about the 2013 Draft class came from one scout who said, “I don’t want to be one of those guys who says a Draft class is weak, but…”

But as they always say, there will be big leaguers from this class, as with every one.
The first day of the East Coast Showcase includes all the position players running 60-yard dashes and there was quite a bit of speed on display. The top times:

Carlos Williams, Covington HS. Tenn: 6.40
Stephen Wrenn Jr.,Walton HS, Ga.: 6.40
Matthew McPhearson, Riverdale Baptist School, Md.: 6.50
Justin Holt, Gulfport HS, Miss.: 6.56
Silento Sayles, Port Gibson HS, Miss.: 6.58
Clint Frazier, Loganville HS: 6.60
Benjamin Dluzio, The First Academy, Mich.: 6.60
Terry McClure, Riverwood International Charter School, Ga.: 6.63
Connor Heady, North Oldham, Kent.: 6.63
Alexander Krupa, Greenwood Community HS, Ind.: 6.64
Austin Meadows, Grayson HS: 6.64

There wasn’t a ton of velocity — no one creating a buzz with crazy radar gun readings, but there were several pitchers who were sitting in the low 90s. The top velo guys:

Clinton Hollon, Woodford County, KY: 93 mph (left in 2nd inning with some elbow soreness, more precautionary than anything)
Connor Jones, Great Bridge HS, Va.: 93 mph
Jordan Sheffield, Tullahoma HS, Tenn: 91 mph
Timothy McDonald, Village Christian Academy, NC: 92 mph
Tyler Danish, Durant HS, Fla.: 92 mph
Chris Oakley, St. Augustine Prep, NJ: 90 mph
Mark Armstrong, Clarence HS, NY: 90 mph

More tomorrow…

And, finally, there were a few guys who’s overall performances did make scouts notice. Here are some hitters who were mentioned by scouts I spoke to:

Austin Meadows, OF, Grayson HS, Ga.
Clint Frazier, OF, Loganville HS, Ga.
Jacob Heyward, OF, Eagles Landing HS, Ga.
Oscar Mercado, SS, Gaither HS, Fla.
Thomas Milone, OF, Masuk HS, Conn.
Joseph Dudek Jr, 1B, Christian Brothers Academy, NJ


I was there. What was Donovan May’s 60yd time.

Take care

May, from The Tatnall School in Delaware, ran a 6.65 60, so he was right there, too

Hi Jonathan,

Not sure what the best way is to ask a question about something unrelated to the current post. Sorry if I’m breaking etiquette but I’m curious if you know anything about the progress of San Diego 3B prospect Jedd Gyorko. He’s been raking in AA and especially AAA all year and it seemed to me he might be getting a call-up after the trade deadline. However, now that it seems Chase Headley is staying put, I’m curious about SD’s plan. I had read earlier in the season that he was being tried out at 2B but haven’t heard much about that recently. Is there a general feeling that he’s ready but blocked or do you get the sense that he has work to do before the big leagues are a possibility for him?

Thanks in advance.

Etiquette? There’s a blog etiquette?? Gyorko has played quite a bit at second and he played there in college, too. So he’d be OK there. I haven’t checked in on him or with the Padres about him, but his bat is just about ready. Maybe they should move Headley to the outfield again to make room. Keep in mind, Gyorko’s not on the 40-man yet, so that could keep San Diego from pushing him up just yet.

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I would like to know more about Silento Sayles from Port Gibson, MS.

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