Day 2 at the East Coast Pro Showcase

Three more games are in the books here in Syracuse and there were some solid performances once again at the East Coast Pro Showcase.

There are still two days to go, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone will have a better showing here than LHP Robert Kaminsky. The southpaw from New Jersey (St. Joe’s) threw three outstanding innings, hitless innings to be precise. While this Draft class may not have any of those huge power arms that blow you away, there’s no question Kaminsky knows how to pitch.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of stuff there. Kaminsky was up to 93 mph and, outside of two walks, located his fastball well. He threw a number of simply outstanding curve balls and mixed in several changeups as well. It’s not often in showcases like this that you see a pitcher mix three pitches so effectively. Kaminsky struck out the side in his first and second innings. Then he struck out the first batter he faced in his third inning of work. Even with his velocity dropping a touch in the last inning, his other stuff was so effective it didn’t matter. He got his last two outs on ground balls.

He got strikeouts with all of his pitches. He froze two batters in his first inning with the changeup, then got the last batter of that frame with a fastball. He used all three of his pitches in inning No. 2, striking out a batter each with the fastball, curve and changeup. As one scout put it, “He has moxie.” Moxie is a scouting term, by the way. Kaminsky does go right after hitters and has no fear. He told me after the game that he likes pitching inside.

While Kaminsky was clearly the star of the day, he wasn’t the only lefty who stood out. Scouts had good things to say about Trey Ball as well. Ball hails from Indiana (New Castle High School) and he threw well in the first game of the day. He doesn’t throw as hard as Kaminsky, but he was 88-90 mph consistently with a very free and easy delivery. What makes Bell interesting is that he’s a two-way player. Most high school players who pitch also hit at that level. But while it’s obvious that a player like Kaminsky will definitely be a pitcher at the next level, the jury is still out on Ball. He also hit well in Thursday’s game. Oh, and he ran a 6.82 60 on Wednesday. Tall and very lanky, he could easily add 20 pounds to his frame in the future. On both sides of the ball, scouts like his actions. Everything he does “looks right,” as one scout put it. He does things easy, as they say.

Scouts continued to like Oscar Mercado, pointing to him as a potential top of the first round type talent. He absolutely smoked a ball back up the middle in the last game of the day on Thursday and shows very good actions at shortstop. He’ll need to add some strength, but true up the middle guys always get a lot of attention.


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Any reports on the remaining days

Yes, sorry. I will have an overall “top performers/top prospects” report up tonight.

Our team did vision testing at the showcase..interested in top performers/prospects


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