Standout performers at East Coast Showcase

Sorry for getting this up a bit later than planned, but I wanted to get up my list of the top players at the recently completed East Coast Pro Showcase. Meanwhile, the Area Code Games are on-going in Southern California.

I talked to several scouts who were in attendance and came up with a sort of hybrid list. Some of it is based on performance at the event, some of it based on a more long-term evaluation of tools. In other words, some guys are on this list who didn’t necessarily do anything special in Suracuse over the four days of the event, but are high schoolers who should be watched for next year’s Draft. This is also a list of 2013 guys, so there may have been a 2014 guy or two who was deserving that I left out. Without further ado:

  1. Robert Kaminsky, LHP
  2. Trey Ball, LHP/OF
  3. Oscar Mercado, SS
  4. Austin Meadows, OF
  5. Clint Frazier, OF
  6. Nick Ciuffo, C
  7. Chris Oakley, RHP
  8. Justin Williams, OF
  9. Brett Morales, RHP
  10. Zack Collins, C
  11. Hunter Harvey, RHP
  12. Jacob Heyward, OF
  13. Mark Armstrong, RHP
  14. Connor Jones, RHP
  15. TJ McDonald, RHP
  16. Thomas Milone, OF
  17. Joe Dudek, OF
  18. Hunter Green, LHP
  19. Carson Sands, LHP
  20. Chris Okey, C


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Love the list but Carson Sands is a ’14. Very good chance I misread what you said lol. Looking forward to watching Milone this spring though. How’d you like Harvey and McDonald?

Oops. Good call. After I made the point of saying that it was only 2013 guys. My bad. Harvey and McDonald jumped on the map a little more with their performance. Harvey obviously has the MLB bloodlines. McDonald wasn’t even listed as a primary pitcher on the roster and he was as good as anyone who threw at the event.

What did you think of RHP Dane Dunning who played on the Braves team

Where is Errol Robinson (SS)? Cord Sanberg (OF)?

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