A B3 Family Thanksgiving Adventure

You’ll have to forgive me over the next few days, as I take a quick break from the usual prospect fodder and share with anyone who might be interested in what most of the B3 clan is doing over the upcoming holiday.

After watching the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, we wanted to do something. So we packed up the van and drove to New Jersey.

No, that’s not all. First, the van was packed with can goods collected at the B3 offspring’s school (and synagogue). It was a pretty good haul.


After that was all organized, it was time for the fam to get going. In tow was yours truly, the two B3 kids and B3’s mom. (Mrs. B3 is getting a well-deserved break).

We made it to Jersey safely, where B3 headquarters will be until Friday, when we drive back to Pittsburgh. Here’s what’s on tap and I’ll try to get on here to update with photos, even video, getting the kids into the act, as time permits.


  • Travel to the MLB.com studios for an interview with John Franco and all the work the New Yorker (and former closer) is doing to help in the region.
  • Drive the canned goods to Staten Island, dropping them off at the Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation distribution center.
  • Tour some areas in Staten Island hit by the storm.
  • Accompany the Siller Foundation as they facilitate three different Thanksgiving Dinners for folks impacted by the hurricane. There should be some players, current and former, joining us (more on that tomorrow)


  • Head to Coney Island and help the efforts staged by ConeyRecovers. They need volunteers Wednesday and Thursday in the lot by the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones (a huge tip of the cap to the Cyclones’ Gary Perone, who’s been working tirelessly to help people in Brooklyn and Staten Island while helping to initiate the idea for these dinners). So if you’re in the area, head out and help out. The B3 will be there on Thursday to help organize and distribute food. ConeyRecovers has a big Thanksgiving Day meal planned as well.

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