Who’s Next: The Shortstops

You know the drill by now. The Top 10 shortstops story is up and you can look at the list directly as well.

There’s some depth at the position, and not just in Arizona (they now have Didi Gregorius, Chris Owings AND Nick Ahmed!). Here’s who would make the 11-15 list:

Adeiny Hechavarria, Marlins — He came over in the huge deal with the Blue Jays. The glove has never been a question. Now he’ll get to show if he can hit big league pitching.

Luis Sardinas, Rangers — Yup, that’s right, another shortstop prospect in the Rangers system. He’s taken a bit longer to develop, but has the chance to be a good one, too.

Jose Iglesias, Red Sox — He needs to stay on the field and he needs an opportunity to show he can hit big league pitching, especially with Xander Bogaerts charging up from behind him.

Trevor Story, Rockies — Very intriguing all-around skills. Even if he outgrows the position, should be enough bat for third.

Adalberto Mondesi, Royals — Raul’s kid is exceptionally young and exceptionally talented. Don’t be surprised to see him higher on this list in years to come.


Where would you rank the Indians Dorssys Paulino?

Without doing too much in-depth thinking, I’d probably put him in the 18-20 range.

I think Story should’ve made the top10 over Gregorius.Call me Crazy but you let the DBacks Trade get in your head a little bit.

I’m tempted to just call you crazy (cause, you know, you said I should), but instead, Kevin, I’ll go with the fact that perhaps it’s not the trade getting in my head, but the 30+ scouts I polled for the rankings. I like Story, don’t get me wrong, and he has every chance to climb into the top 10 in the future, but I’m betting the fact that Gregorius will undoubtedly actually BE a shortstop long-term, while there’s a chance Story won’t, figured into their evaluation.

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