Beyond the Top 100

After any Top 100 prospects list comes out, there’s going to be outrage, disbelief, dismay (there’s also some triumph, jubilation, celebration, but that doesn’t fit into the subject of today’s post). The list gets pored over and complaints about snubs come pouring in. You thought people were upset that Ben Affleck didn’t get a Best Director nod for “Argo”? You should talk to Astros fans about Delino DeShields Jr. Sheesh.

So, I thought it a good idea to throw out a Nos. 101-110 list. Yes, this could open a pandora’s box if guys aren’t on that list who you think should’ve been on the Top 100 to begin with. But I can deal with that. I’m happy to keep the conversation going. And keep in mind, the team Top 20s start rolling out on Monday, so there’ll be more fuel for the fire soon enough. Keep in mind, this next 10 isn’t a guaranteed list of who’ll be the first to move in when guys graduate as 2013 gets started, but clearly some names will come from this list onto the top 100 during the season. No time for expanding on this list, so here it is:

101. Dan Straily, RHP, A’s

102. Delino DeShields Jr., 2B, Astros

103. Luis Heredia, RHP, Pirates

104. Daniel Corcino, RHP, Reds

105. Brett Jackson, OF, Cubs

106. Marcell Ozuna, OF, Marlins

107. Michael Choice, OF, A’s

108. Tyler Thornburg, RHP, Brewers

109. Corey Seager, 3B/SS, Dodgers

110. Arodys Vizcaino, RHP, Cubs


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Good stuff, as always Jonathan.

Penguin Owns You

No complaints here, just wondering as to why Luis Heredia fell from #73 in September to #103 now. Not necessarily disagreeing, just curious as to how he fell 30 spots without a draft happening or a minor league game being played (aside from Winter Leagues).

Thanks in advance for a response.

I’m curious how Deshields is at 102 when he ranks seventh at 2B. Wong is the last ranked 2B at #79, Schoop is #3 on your 2B rankings, followed by three other guys at the keystone ahead of DeShields. I’m lost how he’s at 102 with no mention of Schoop at all.

Mccutchenisthetruth (great handle) — It’s not anything he did, necessarily. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of the scouts I polled having had the chance to step back and look at the entire season. Heredia is a guy who I think will climb up as he hits full-season ball.

Ryan — I believe the official explanation is “oops!” Not making excuses, but I think I might have too many lists in my head as I’m writing up 30 team 20s as we speak. I just didn’t cross-check. Fact of the matter is that there is a large group in that 101-125 range that I consider kind of muddled together. Schoop is right there (say 111 for the sake of this discussion). What I will need to do is adjust the 2B list accordingly. Thanks for the catch.

I get that and if you need a cross checker for these lists….I’m your guy. Seriously though I appreciate the work that goes into these and I understand how easily it can happen. Thanks for the reply and candor.

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We see things exactly opposite. Last year, I would have ranked DeShields around 102. This year, I would have him around 77.

That’s what makes the world go round, Frank.

I know Deshields repeated a level, but he’s still younger than Bubba Starling and did well in the A+ playoffs after being promoted.

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3 Rays pitchers in a row, did you forsee that? Does Taylor Guerrieri still possess the “stuff” to be a staff ace or do you see him as a 2-4 SP? His velocity seemed to drop from his HS speeds, but he seems to have improved his control and it seems nearly impossible to take him deep.

How do you leave Derek Dietrich out of the top 100+10… The guy is going to be on the Marlins this year!

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