OMG: The NL East

It’s that time, people. The team Top 20 lists are coming out fast and furious on Prospect Watch. Each day this week, a division’s worth of Top 20 rankings will be unveiled. Today was the NL East. Here are the links to the organizational previews and the list for each organization (Of course, you can get to all of this from, as well:

Braves: Preview| List

Marlins: Preview | List

Mets: Preview | List

Phllies: Preview | List

Nationals: Preview | List

For those of you not familiar, you’re probably wondering what the OMG stands for in the title of this post. As excited as we are in B3 land for team Top 20s, it goes beyond just the standard texting exclamation. It also stands for One More Guy. I rolled out extra picks for the positions lists as well as for the top 100 and the OMG feature was pretty popular last year, so I figure, why not compile a list of No. 21 type prospects for each organization. We’ll start with the NL East teams here and I’ll give you divisional OMGs the rest of the week.

Braves: David Hale, RHP — The Princeton product was a Southern League All-Star in 2012 who finished third in the organization in strikeouts and batting average against.

Marlins: Brent Keys, OF — After getting a taste of full-season ball in 2011, this 2009 draftee spent the entire 2012 season in the South Atlantic League and promptly won the batting title. He can flat-out run and defend, too.

Mets: Matt Den Dekker, OF — It’s possible he’s one of the best defensive center fielder in the Minors and he’s shown some ability with the bat, though he’s racked up 150+ strikeouts in each of the last two seasons

Phillies: Tyler Cloyd, RHP — He does it with smoke and mirrors, using outstanding command of fringy stuff, but the guy did lead the organization in wins and ERA, while finishing second in batting average against, getting him to the big leagues.

Nationals: Corey Brown, OF — Free the prospect! Yes, he’s “old” to be a prospect, but he was second in the system in hits and homers, third in SLG and fifth in RBIs. The guy deserves a chance to show what he can do.

Tomorrow: the AL East.


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