OMG: The AL Central

Moving right along in our tour of team Top 20s, Thursday brought the AL Central to the forefront, with exciting prospects like Francisco Lindor, Nick Castellanos, Bubba Starling, Miguel Sano and Courtney Hawkins (Yes, I did just pull the No. 1 prospects from each organization in the division). Here are the important links, and then lets take a look at the No. 21 prospects for each system.

White Sox: Preview | List

Indians: Preview | List

Tigers: Preview | List

Royals: Preview | List

Twins: Preview | List


And now, the OMGs (One More Guys):

White Sox — Jeff Soptic, RHP: He has a long way to go, but he was hitting triple-digits in the SAL in 2012.

Indians — Giovanny Urshela, 3B: Colombian had a solid campaign in the Carolina League at age 20.

Tigers — Brenny Paulino, RHP: A very exciting U.S. debut in 2011 led to a non-starter of a 2012; he didn’t throw a pitch because of shoulder issues. Lots of upside if healthy

Royals — Brett Eibner, OF: He can play defense and has power, but will he ever make enough contact to have it show up consistently? Who else is waiting for him to get back on the mound?

Twins — Levi Michael, SS/2B: Look for the former first-r0under to have a bounce back 2013 season.


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What do you think of the Indians pitchers Trey Haley and Shawn Armstrong? Would you put them in the 22-30 range?

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