Day 3 at the East Coast Pro Showcase

The final day of East Coast Pro Showcase has started (Florida has some kids who can hit!), but I wanted to take a few minutes to recap Friday’s action.

First, the required reading:

Some highlights from Friday’s games:

It was definitely a day of arms. Dylan Cease may have been the “biggest” name and he didn’t disappoint in his first inning, throwing 95-96 mph fastballs. He wasn’t as sharp after that, with rain clearly playing a part, struggling particularly with command of his breaking stuff at times.

Cobi Johnson, son of former big leaguer and pitching coach Dane, was very effecient in his three innings. He was 88-91 mph with his fastball and had a good curveball. He was very efficient, throwing just 28 pitches.

Austin DeCarr was up to 93 mph and kept it up for most of his outing. Facing him in that game was Jesse McCord, who sat at 91 mph throughout his outing.

Josh Pennington was 90-92 mph and looked very sharp in the final game of Day 3.

On the position player front…

Catcher JJ Schwarz was impressive on both sides of the ball. He picked two runners off at second in two innings, then doubled to left later in the game to drive in a run.

Logan Sowers took Cease deep, with an opposite field homer in the rain.

Max Ponzurick hit a three-run, opposite-field (right field has been popular for the long ball, with it being 385 feet to left-center) homer.

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