How can you not love Marcus Stroman?

Forget the fact the Blue Jays pitching prospect is ranked No. 91 on’s Top 100 or that he’s No. 3 on Toronto’s Top 20.

And I’m not talking about the fact that he had an excellent year in the Double-A Eastern League, finishing with a 3.30 ERA, .234 batting average against and 129 K’s in 111 2/3 innings pitched (while allowing only 27 walks). He would’ve been fifth in the Eastern League in ERA had he qualified and he still managed to finish ninth in strikeouts despite not making his first start until May 19 (Yes, he was serving a 50-game suspension, but at least Stroman took responsibility for taking over-the-counter supplements without knowing what was in them).

But this isn’t about his on-field performance, which should have him poised to help out in Toronto in 2014 in some capacity. This is about what he did for his mom recently. Stroman was the No. 22 overall pick in the 2012 Draft and received a bonus of $1.8 million as a result. His mother was with him through thick and thin, so Stroman felt it was time to show her how much he appreciated her never-ending support.

By paying off her mortgage. The entire thing. The video is brief, but it’s hard not to get emotional while watching it. April Whitzman from MLBFancave posted it on their blog.

Or you can watch the video right here:

His mom clearly was touched.

That’s pretty cool stuff. Kudos to Stroman for using those dollars in a very, very good way.


Read your article about AFL Yankee prospects today. I’m just leaving AZ after a week of watching the Scottsdale Scorpions. I think you missed the mark by not including Addison Maruszak as a top prospect. He’s very ready to enter the big leagues and one of the few who knows how to make adjustments at bat, not to mention a great utility player.

I”m not sure which story you mean. If it’s the AFL team report on the Yankees, that was written before Maruszak was added to the Scottsdale roster. Otherwise, he would’ve been there.

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