An early thought from the AFL

I spent last week running around the Arizona Fall League during the opening days of the season. Six games in three days (stay tuned for AFL team reports — video and written — that stemmed from those efforts). While my focus was on getting the 30 interviews we had planned done (check), I was able to watch some exciting players in action, both in batting practice as well as during games.

I’ll try to sprinkle some early thoughts here in a series of blog posts. Here’s the first one.

  • Kris Bryant is really good. Not only has the Cubs prospect (and No. 2 overall pick) started his Fall League by going 8-for-18 with two homers and a double, he puts on a ridiculous batting practice show. The power is beyond legit. He’s also an early member of the All-Interview Team: very engaging and thoughtful. He even was happy to talk to me about how he started with his wide stance (sophomore season). I was particularly curious because my 12-year-old son, Ziv, has been using something very similar.

BryantZiv stance

In case you were curious, Bryant is the first one. And yes, I know Ziv has his hands too high (We’re working on it. Jeez, he’s only 12).

More to come…

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I don’t think the hands too high prior to loading is bad, my son did the same. But when it was time to load, he pulled his hands back…sort of a trigger to load. We have been going back and forth with the wide stance and shortening the stance. Sometimes, the wide stance creates All Arms and when we shortened the stance, allowed him rotate more. My son is also a sophomore, and were tinkering with it…playing football doesn’t help due to lack of getting in the cage, but as we near winter baseball, were trying to find the most comfortable and successful stance to generate power. Good luck with your son.

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