Some quick AFL Fall Stars pre-game tidbits

We’re less than an hour away from this year’s Fall Stars (previously called the Rising Stars Game). You can watch on MLB Network and the game will be streaming on I hope you watch the entire game, but if you’re curious, I’ll be sitting in with Paul Severino and Joe Magrane for the 4th-6th innings.

Batting practice was quite a show. Jorge Alfaro (Rangers) probably was the most impressive for the West Division Fall Stars. His raw power is just ridiculous and he was putting balls way up on the berm in left-center consistently.

The East Division’s first group turned into a home run hitting contest between C.J. Cron (Angels) and Kris Bryant (Cubs). Cron hit a light post above the berm and one that nearly left the stadium completely. Bryant wasn’t far behind, but Cron might have been the “victor” in this round.

Cardinals outfielder James Ramsey is the leadoff hitter and isn’t a power guy, but he clearly had fun trying to muscle up. He blasted a couple out to right, though he did swing through a pitch with an all or nothing swing at the end.

Ramsey knows his role, though, tonight and in general. He’s hitting atop a lineup followed by the Nats’ Brian Goodwin, Bryant, Cron, Angels 2B Taylor Lindsey, fellow Cardinal Stephen Piscotty, Cubs right field Jorge Soler, Yankees catcher Peter O’Brien and A’s shortstop Addison Russell (any lineup with Russell hitting ninth is insane). Ramsey turned to Goodwin at the start of BP and said, “All I have to do is get to first base and the rest is easy.”

Alex Meyer and the rest of the West Division pitching staff might have something to say about that, and the West isn’t exactly devoid of firepower (Byron Buxton’s BP was pretty impressive as well).

Should be a fun night. Hit me on Twitter (@JonathanMayoB3) if you want to chat about the game. And join me over on MLB Network. Enjoy the game!

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