Nationals camp extras

All the Nats stuff is now live. As always, you have many options:

I don’t have a ton of extra stuff, using most of it the Spring Training Report. One extra question and answer from Sammy Solis:

Now that you’re actually not worried about rehabbing, what are you working on? Outside of logging innings, what do you feel you need to work on in order to be ready?

Solis: I think I got back to even with pitching in the Arizona Fall League. I wouldn’t say I’m working on one specific pitch. I would say, just like any other guy out here, I’m getting back to season form. Location and feel for pitches, not just one single pitch.

And here’s my One Extra Guy for their system:

Teddy Cahill did a great job on this Top 20, in my opinion. This isn’t a case where I would actively advocate to get this guy in, but I do like Aaron Barrett’s arm a bit. Yes, he’s 26, which makes him a little long in the tooth in the prospect world, but it’s taken him a little time to figure out his role. He has a plus slider that can get big league hitters out right now and he’s commanding his fastball better. He gets swings and misses (12 K/9) and ground balls (1.72 GO/AO in 2013). He saved 26 in Double-A, but he’s probably not a closer at the highest level. He is, however, ready for a shot to contribute in Washington.

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