Golden Spikes Watch List in action

A couple of things have happened this week to make me realize that another Draft season is really upon us. First was the announcement of USA Baseball’s Golden Spikes Award Watch List. I’m fortunate enough to be a part of the committee for that process and I’m excited to see how the top amateur players on the list go out and perform.

Speaking of which, the college players will be in action starting today. Teddy Cahill does a terrific job of previewing the opening weekend action. There are lots of places you can go to check in on scores and such, but I’ve always liked the one-stop shopping of’s scoreboard.

So I thought I’d do a quick cross-referencing here to bring stuff together, combining the Golden Spikes list with our early Top 50 Draft prospects list for a “who to watch” this weekend uber-list:

Top 50 AND GSA Watch list (18 players total, 1 junior college):

Top 50         Name, Pos                                          School                   Weekend series

2                    Michael Matuella, RHP                  Duke                     @Cal

4                    Walker Buehler, RHP                      Vandy                   vs. Santa Clara

5                    Nathan Kirby, LHP                           Virginia                 @ E. Carolina

6                    Kyle Funkhouser, RHP                   Louisville              vs. Alabama St.

9                    Dansby Swanson, SS                       Vandy                   vs. Santa Clara

12                  Carson Fulmer, RHP                        Vandy                   vs. Santa Clara

13                  Alex Bregman, SS                             LSU                        vs. Kansas

16                  Ian Happ, OF                                      Cincinnati            @ Mississippi St.

17                  Phil Bickford, RHP                            CSN                       Coyote Slugout

21                  Riley Ferrell, RHP                             TCU                        vs. S. Illinois

23                  James Kaprielian, RHP                    UCLA                     vs. Hofstra

24                  Jake Lemoine, RHP                          Houston               vs. Minnesota

26                  Richie Martin, SS                              Florida                  vs. Rhode Island

28                  DJ Stewart, OF                                  Florida State       vs. Oakland

39                  Chris Shaw, OF                                  Boston Coll.        Spartanburg Classic

44                  Tyler Jay, LHP                                     Illinois                   Cardinal Classic

45                  Steven Duggar, OF                          Clemson              vs. W. Virginia

47                  Kevin Newman, SS                          Arizona                 vs. E. Michigan


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