Kris Bryant says “Happy Blogaversary”

The Cubs wouldn’t confirm it, but it appears that in honor of the 10th anniversary of MLBlogs, they decided to call up super-prospect Kris Bryant.

Want to know what to expect from Bryant? I talked to pro scouting directors and executives to get a sense of what the industry thought he’d do upon his arrival.

More on Bryant in a second. Just wanted to say happy birthday to MLBlogs – hard to believe it’s been 10 years. Turns out i was the second person to record a blog back on Day One. My debut post was less than earth shattering, a simple welcome to my blog message.

Here we are a decade later and I’m hopeful this anniversary, coupled with us ramping up Draft coverage (stay tuned for a new Draft Top 100 in a couple of weeks), will get me on here more.

So, back to Bryant. Jim Callis and I joke that we’ve written hundreds of stories about the No. 2 prospect in baseball. I won’t link to ALL of our Bryant coverage (Jim, maybe we should start, but here’s a smattering:

It goes on and on. Now he’s here. And he’s coming to Pittsburgh early next week, when I’ll get my first look at him on a big league field (outside of the Futures Game, of course).

Here’s to another 10 years of MLBlogs and coverage of players like Bryant, from the Draft all the way up to a 25-man roster. That is, after all, what is all about.

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