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Rockies sign Peter Tago…other signings

Just got the release via email — the Rockies have signed high school right-hander Peter Tago, the No. 47 overall pick in the Draft, taken in the supplemental first round. No word yet on the bonus, but it’s likely to be over-slot. Here’s his Draft Report.

The Indians did have to go well over-slot to sign local high school catcher Alex Lavisky, their eighth rounder. It’s confirmed that he received a $1 million bonus. Hopefully, they got a little bit of a hometown discount, as Lavisky is a St. Edward High School product from nearby Lakewood, Ohio.

The reports that the Dodgers had signed 11th-rounder Joc Pederson aren’t quite, 100 percent right. It’s not official until the NoCal product passes his physical. Assuming that goes well, the reports are accurate that he’ll sign for $600,000.

More info as it continues to pour in…

Red Sox sign second-round pick Brandon Workman

The Red Sox have come to terms with second-round pick Brandon Workman, signing him to an above-slot deal of $800,000. The University of Texas standout was taken with the No. 57 overall pick in the Draft.

News of taht signing came on the heels that the Sox had also gone over-slot to ink their third-round pick, high school infielder Sean Coyle. The Eastern Pennsylvania product was signed away from his University of North Carolina commitment for $1.3 million. He’s the first third-rounder to get a seven-figure bonus.

The Red Sox are still working on signing fourth-round pick Garin Cecchini and supplemental first round pick Anthony Ranaudo, both of whom will likely take above-slot deals to get done.

Indians sign 4th rounder Kyle Blair

The Cleveland Indians have signed their fourth-round pick,
right-handed pitcher Kyle Blair, has learned. The University of San
Diego standout was the No. 120 pick overall of the Draft and it took an
over-slot deal to get it done.

Blair will get $580,000 to sign. The Indians have yet to sign first-rounder
Drew Pomeranz, the lefty out of Ole Miss (No. 5 overall), outfielder LeVon Washington, their 2nd-round
pick and high school shortstop Tony Wolters, their third-round selection.
There was some buzz that a Wolters deal was close to being done.

In case you were curious, you can take a look at the Draft Report we had on Blair before the Draft in June: Kyle Blair, RHP, University of San Diego

Draft deadline: the latest

With just about 12 hours left until the Draft signing deadline, there’s still not a whole lot to report in terms of bona fide news. Here’s what’s out there with some of the teams working to sign picks,. starting with those in the top 12 of the first round. More to come…

1. Bryce Harper, Nationals: It’s been eerily quiet with the top pick and it’s quite possible there hasn’t been much in the way of negotiating going on between the two sides as of yet. It’ll come down to the wire, but I think it will get done. Nothing official on 2nd rounder Sammy Solis or 4th rounder A.J. Cole, but it did sound like both would sign when all was said and done.

2. Jameson Taillon, Pirates:  The Pirates are cautiously optimistic they’ll sign both Taillon and second-rounder Stetson Allie. There’s probably a money bridge to gap and there was some talk about the old big-league deal vs. no big-league deal discussion. The Pirates would probably like to avoid giving one out to a high school pitcher, but we’ll see how this one unfolds.

3. Manny Machado, Orioles: The O’s did sign RHP Jaime Esquivel, their 28th round pick, signed away from attending Rice. And there’s the hope they’ll sign a few more high school players before the day is over, including the No. 3 pick.

5. Drew Pomeranz, Indians: This one is going to come down to the wire. No news on this one yet, though there was talk that the Indians and third-rounder Tony Wolters were close.

6. Barret Loux, Diamondbacks: With the failed physical, this one got messy fast. I think there’s a good chance this one won’t get done when the deadline hits.

7. Matt Harvey, Mets: Not sure what the hold up is here, but I think this one will happen by the deadline.

9. Karsten Whitson, Padres: Sounded like the two sides were still fairly far apart as the last day approached. A lot can happen between now and midnight, though.

11. Deck McGuire, Blue Jays: No news on this one; still the same as before, with the Jays having put a number out there. Now it remains to be seen if McGuire will take it.

12. Yasmani Grandal, Reds: There were rumors that this was done, but it’s not just yet. The issue might be the big-league deal. Grandal wants one, the Reds don’t want to give one. I think it gets done, with an over-slot deal somewhere in the $3 million range.

Jays continue to get it done with Draft picks

The Toronto Blue Jays had 11 picks over the first five rounds of the Draft in June and much has been made about their renewed commitment to scouting. And while they’ve yet to come to terms with first-round pick Deck McGuire, it does seem like they’re putting their money where their mouth is.

To date, the Jays have come to terms with seven of the 11 players. Most recently, it was Kellen Sweeney, the 69th overall pick, and one of three second-rounders for Toronto, who signed. His deal was reportedly slightly over slot, as was fellow second-rounder Justin Nicolino’s.

Rumor has it that the third second-round pick, Griffin Murphy, will be next to join the organization. Murphy, the top lefty-hander coming out of the Southern California high school crop, could be headed to Dunedin for his physical. Assuming everything goes well there, an announcement could come on Monday.

Draft update

I know I owe you some more MiLB Pitcher of the Year candidates and I promise I’ll get to that soon.

But with news of the potential signing of No. 10 overall pick Michael Choice (A’s), I thought it’d be a good time to update what was going on with other first rounders. Once Choice is officially signed — looks like tomorrow will be a good day for that — that will make just 13 of 32 first-rounders who have signed and two of the top 10: Colon and Choice.

There’s not much to report on the top three. I’m fairly confident in that Bryce Harper, Jameson Taillon and Manny Machado will be last-minute, up against the deadline deals. The same for No. 5 pick Drew Pomeranz (with his workload at Ole Miss, that might not be a bad thing for the Indians).

No. 6 pick Barret Loux has the whole injury situation. He failed his physical and now things are kind of in limbo. I’m told the negotiation process is on-going with the Diamonbacks, so maybe they can come to some kind of discounted deal (like Tim Stauffer and the Padres years back).

No. 7 Matt Harvey is another one who likely will go down to the wire with the Mets.

The Astros and No. 8 pick Delino DeShields continue to have positive negotiations and there was sincere hope something would get done well prior to the deadline.

Look for the Reds and No. 12 pick Yasmani Grandal to work up until that Aug. 16 deadline to try and make a deal.

Nothing to report thus far with the Giants and No. 24 pick Gary Brown.

The Rockies and No. 26 Kyle Parker seem to be far apart, with a deadline set by Parker passing. It’s believed that was a deadline set in order for him to not play football — he didn’t want to leave Clemson in the lurch. But maybe they can work something out where he signs and still plays football in the fall.

That’s it for now. I’ll hop on as I hear things leading up to that August 16 deadline.

Indians have not signed LeVon Washington

There were early reports that the Indians and second-round pick LeVon Washington had agreed to a deal worth $1.55 million. Since that initial report, there’s been a little backtracking, with a report via Twitter saying that the deal “wasn’t quite done” and correctly pointing out that no over-slot deal would be announced this early. Those kinds of things dont’ happen until August.

The Indians, however, say it’s nowhere close to being “not quite done,” that Cleveland hasn’t even spoken with Washington at this point.

“We absolutely do not have any agreements across the board,” said Indians assistant general manager John Mirabelli. “Our approach was based on ability and talent. We selected what we thought was the best player. Hopefully, we will get many of them signed.”

Last-ditch mock

With an ever-changing board, here’s my last, last mock of the first round:

1    WAS – Bryce Harper
2    PIT – Jameson Taillon
3    BAL – Manny Machado
4    KC – Chris Sale
5    CLE – Drew Pomeranz
6    ARI – Barret Loux
7    NYM – Zack Cox
8    HOU – Michael Choice
9    SD – Karsten Whitson
10    OAK – Justin O’Conner
11    TOR – Josh Sale
12    CIN – Christian Colon
13    CWS – Brandon Workman
14    MIL – Deck McGuire
15    TEX – Jake Skole
16    CHC – Matt Harvey
17    TB – Bryce Brentz
18    LAA – Dylan Covey
19    HOU – Delino DeShields
20    BOS – Kolbrin Vitek
21    MIN – Alex Wimmers
22    TEX – Asher Wojciechowski 
23    FLA – Aaron Sanchez
24    SF – Stetson Allie
25    STL –  Yasmani Grandal
26    COL – Nick Castellanos
27    PHI – Jesse Biddle
28    LAD – Kellin Deglan
29    LAA – Peter Tago
30    LAA – Ryan Golden
31    TB – Michael Kvasnicka
32    NYY – Ryan LaMarre  

Draft tidbits: Grandal, Aviles and more

Hey guys —

Sitting at the airport, waiting to fly to NY for the big event on Monday. Lots of news out there — things slowly starting to take shape — but still a ton of volatility. Keep checking back here as I’ll try to blgo with what I’m hearing. My last mock of the first round will go live Monday morning, and I’ll be sure to throw updates right up until the first pick is made.

So, here’s the latest buzz.

The biggest comes from a report, courtesy of Frankie Piliere over at Fanhouse, stating that the Royals and Miami catcher Yasmani Grandal had agreed to a pre-draft deal. I’ve been told that the report is not true, though the Royals technically can’t announce something like that now anyway. I do hear, at the very least, that Grandal is the front-runner to go at No. 4.

That leaves Cleveland with a choice of lefties in Drew Pomeranz and Chris Sale, or college bats like Michael Choice or Zack Cox. Right now, I’m thinking it will be Sale, but still some time to go on that one.

A little further down the road, Robbie Aviles, the high-school righty in the New York area, has an elbow injury. It was reported on that he came out of his last start with a sore elbow, had an MRI and x-rays and was diagnosed with a partial ligament tear. Speaking with a scout in the area, I’ve been told is indeed a partial tear and flexor sprain. As of right now, they are not recommending surgery. Aviles could have gone as high as the supplemental first round or second round. We’ll have to see if it impacts his stock much. As it’s pointed out in the LoHud story, teams aren’t too scared off by elbow issues these days because of the success rate in recovery. Even if he needed Tommy John surgery, that may not hurt where he goes too much.

Much, much more to come…

The strange case of Anthony Ranaudo

So, we all know what’s been going on with LSU’s Anthony Ranaudo of late. Early injury, major struggles since, Draft slide as a result. His start today in the SEC Tournament could go a long way toward either reversing the disturbing trend or continuing his fall, perhaps even out of the first round.

His performance was his best of the season, though that’s not saying a whole lot based on what’s gone on the past few weeks. He went 7 2/3 innings, by far his longest outing of the year. Over his first two innings, he was touching 95 mph and his breaking stuff, said scouts, looked better than it has in a long time. As the game went on, he lost some velocity, finishing at 91-92 mph in the eighth. And here’s the puzzling thing. His stuff got raves, with some calling it “top 10” pure stuff. But at the same time, it very hittable. He gave up eight hits and was charged with six runs (five earned), though he left the game with runners on base and the bullpen didn’t strand them.

Ranaudo struck out two in the first inning and his stuff was downright nasty. And while LSU and Ranaudo were thrilled that he was “back,” he looked a little more ordinary later in the game. There is definite concern about the lack of life on his fastball. Straight and 95 mph might work here, it won’t at the next level; straight at 91 mph even gets hit here.

So where does that leave Ranaudo? I was chatting with Baseball America’s Jim Callis about that very subject (yes, us arch rivals do talk to each other) and he felt today’s start had to help the right-hander, at least a little. I’m not sure how much it helped him, but I agree it definitely didn’t hurt him. I think it helped him stop the slide to an extent, especially if he follows it up with a better outing in a regional. That could mean, as Callis pointed out, that a team that might have thought he’d slip into the sandwich round will have to snag him in the first round instead.

In the end, then, it can be looked as a step in the right direction, however unsure it may have been. Things are still inconclusive, I think and what he does in regional play could go a long way in determining if Ranaudo can sneak back up draft boards.

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