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OMG: Los Angeles Dodgers

In case you missed it, here’s the Dodgers’ Top 10. And, as has been the custom here the past week and change, here’s OMG (One More Guy) from their system.

Aaron_Miller.jpgAaron Miller, LHP: The supplemental first-round pick in 2009 was a two-way player at Baylor and there was more than one team that liked him as a hitter. But the Dodgers liked him on the mound more. Given how he performed in his first full season, they may be on to something.

Miller began the year in the Class A Advanced California League, not exactly a haven for pitchers. He had a 2.92 ERA (which would have been good enough to lead the league had he thrown enough innings to qualify) for Inland Empire and a .207 batting average against. Right now, he’s got an outstanding fastball and slider, with his changeup a bit behind. He didn’t fare well when he got six starts up in Double-A last summer as he struggled with command, got hit harder and reportedly lost some velocity in his fastball.

Miller will get the chance to give Double-A another shot to start the 2011 season and he could be ready for Los Angeles by 2012. He might not be Clayton Kershaw in terms of left-handed potential, but he could be a solid No. 3 type starter when all is said and done.

Top 20 and much, much more

Hey all…

Be sure to check out my latest draft projection covering the Top 20 picks. Also up today: A breakdown of both college and high school pitching in this draft class. Oh, and the final batch of Draft Reports has been posted as well. Needless to say, I’ve been busy.

I got some good questions in comments from old friend jfish the other day and I wanted to get to those. If you have draft questions, come on over to my Draft Chat on Friday, 1 p.m. ET. I’ll try to cram in as much as I can into that one and we’ll probably do one more  right before the Draft as well.

So most people seem to think Oliver has fallen out of 1st round
consideration. Do you agree? If so, is there anything he could do in
the tournament to change that?

I don’t know if Oliver has completely fallen out of the first round. Yes, his results haven’t been good, but if he has a dominant start in regional play, that could lift him back up. College lefties with that kind of fastball command don’t come around all the time.

What sort of odds do you give Josh Phegley sticking at C at the next
level? I know of a least one site that has absolute confidence in him
as a hitter and feels the odds of him sticking at C are good enough to
consider him a 1st round talent.

I think he’ll be given every opportunity to stick at catcher. There are certain things he gets, like calling his own game. He’s just not so good with guys that have a lot of movement, like Arnett. If he doesn’t have the ability, he doesn’t have it, you know? It won’t be from lack of effort. With the bat, he’s probably a supp first guy if you think he might be able to catch.

I think I read somewhere that Rich Poythress could maybe handle 3B at
the next level. Is that true? How does he compare to Brett Wallace if
that were to be the case?

Don’t believe everything you read. He’s played some third, but I haven’t talked to anyone who feels he can play there. Of course, all you need is one team to think he can (like the Cardinals and Wallace). Wallace is a much better all-around hitter with better bat speed than Poythress. Poythress is more of a strength guy, leading some to wonder how much power he’ll have as a pro. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll hit some out, but when the game speeds up, it’ll be interesting to see if he can keep up quite as much.

Aaron Miller from Baylor was someone I heard about out of HS, what is
his draft stock like? Would he be more of a positional player or a
pitcher in your eyes? How does he stock up to the other OFers or LHPs?

You answered your own question in that the report I had on Miller was as an OF because the scout I talked to liked his bat. But it seems that most teams like his arm more right now and are looking at him as a pitcher.

I’m curious, why is NOBODY talking about Kentrail Davis? I understand he
had a down year and hasn’t developed like most thought he would but he
seems to still be considered an early 1st round type talent.

I combined a couple of questions here. Davis didn’t just have a down year, it was pretty much bad. Combine that with the fact he’s a draft-eligible sophomore (having leverage to return for a junior year scares some teams off) and is advised by Scott Boras and he’s slid off the charts. Yes, he does have some talent, but I have to think that unless someone takes a shot late and pays him, he’s heading back to Tennessee for his junior year.

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