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Amir Garrett throws again for scouts

A few weeks back, I wrote about basketball standout Amir Garrett taking a look at playing baseball instead of potentially going to St. John’s on a hoops scholarship. He threw for close to 50 scouts that day and showed considerable arm strength.

The big lefty threw again for scouts on Tuesday at the College of Southern Nevada and again seemed to impress. According to one source, Garrett sat in the 91-93 mph range and touched 94 mph. His curve and changeup were better than what he showed in the previous workout. Garrett threw 35 pitches in the session.

There’s not much time for Garrett to impress further between now and the Draft. As a hitter, he could have taken batting practice for any of the teams — word was as many as 15 wanted to see him throw again in a private workout — but as a pitcher, he’ll only be able to throw a few more times, at most. The Garrett camp will likely choose carefully in where they might have a private workout, pinpointing teams who would have a real interest in signing him away from college basketball.

Amir Garrett update

Well, this could certainly get interesting.

As I wrote earlier today, college basketball recruit Amir Garrett is known mostly for his work on the court and he’s got a commitment to St. John’s to play hoops there.

We might want to hold off for just a minute. Garrett has played some baseball, too, though it had been a while — though he evidently was at Team USA trials last summer, but didn’t make the team. The fact there was some interest in baseball, then, isn’t a huge surprise and he’s been on some teams’ follow lists as a result. Still, he hasn’t been on radar screens much because he’s not on his high school team and hasn’t played in a game (and won’t).

But for the past two months or so, he’s been working with a pitching coach, throwing bullpens and this afternoon (Wednesday), he threw for close to 50 scouts at the College of Southern Nevada’s field, one-time home of super-prospect Bryce Harper.

He’s 6-foot-5 and he’s left-handed. And during his approximately 40-pitch long workout, he was throwing fastballs in the 92-95 mph range, with a report or two of 96 mph. He doesn’t have much in the way of secondary stuff, throwing a couple curveballs and changeups, neither of which really stood out. A cutter might work for him down the line. While he’s obviously very raw on the mound, the athleticism he has on the court showed up on the mound. He may not have had much of an arsenal yet, but he looked fairly effortless in pumping in plus fastballs.

So, what next? There likely will be more bullpen sessions, though one hasn’t been officially set up as of yet. He’s likely to draw more attention whenever that comes. The biggest questions that need to be answered are: Does he really want to play baseball? How much will it take bonus-wise to get him to walk away from St. John’s basketball? And how will teams evaluate just what they have here with a guy just throwing bullpens and not playing in a game situation? There’s no doubt he’s a project, but is he one a team would be willing to take fairly early in the Draft and give him the payday that might be necessary to get him to pitch professionally? Time will tell…

Stay tuned on this one…

Draft: Could Amir Garrett play baseball?

Those of you who follow the college hoops scene likely know the name Amir Garrett. He’s a top recruit out of high school who is set to go to St. John’s on a basketball scholarship. In this youtube world, you can find many a clip of him skying, dunking, etc.  Here’s one, just for fun (he’s much more than a stunt-dunker, by the way):

So, why am I writing about a basketball recruit? Well, because Amir Garrett used to be a pitcher. And a good one. And left-handed. He hasn’t pitched for a team in a while, but he’s been working with a coach and is back on the mound. I’ve learned that he’s throwing for a number of teams — as many as nine — today in Nevada. He’ll be on the College of Southern Nevada’s field, the one Bryce Harper made his playground a year ago. And teams aren’t just sending in area guys. There will be some higher ups in attendance.

While Garrett is obviously a bit raw, he’s extremely athletic and word was that even though he hadn’t pitched in a while, he was up to 91-92 mph with his fastball. He’d done interviews in the past saying that he’d have to make a decision between basketball and baseball, though it certainly seemed like he was headed down the college hoops path. But there are those close to him who want him to play baseball and it appears he’s at least kicking the tires on that possibility.

I’ll update you with how things went at this workout and will try to find out just how serious this is. An athletic lefty with that kind of life in his arm isn’t always easy to find, so if he throws well today, you’ll likely hear a lot more about him between now and draft day.

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