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Extra Marlins stuff

Last blog post of the day, with my extra stuff from Marlins camp.

Check out the Spring Training report as well as their Top 20 list. And Bernie Pleskoff has been looking at each team’s system and how it addresses the team’s needs. Here’s the video piece from camp:

And now for the extras from my visit to Jupiter. First, from my conversation with Colin Moran.

What has big league camp been like for you?

Moran: It’s been a great experience. I think I’m learning a lot, just being around all the coaches like [Perry Hill], all the veterans, all the guys. It’s been a blast. I’ve learned from everybody, really. I try to pick their brains, but I try not to bother them too much. I’ll try to ask them questions and everyone has been awesome.

In the Fall League, you got a glimpse of what the upper levels are like. What did you see there that made you say, heading into the offseason, “This is what I need to work on so I can hit those levels this year.”?

Moran: I don’t know, it wasn’t one thing. It  was a little weird, having so much time for the first time during the offseason. It was nice, I got a lot of work in. I didn’t take too much time off after the Fall League. I just did everything I could to get ready.

And here’s some more stuff from my chat with farm director Brian Chattin:

How did you guys end up with so many lefties? Was it by design or just happened that way?

Chattin: I think it just happened naturally. There’s always a premium on left-handers. If you look at the guys we have at the upper levels, Brian Flynn, Justin Nicolino, Andrew Heaney, Adam Conley – Conley and Heaney were out of the Draft, first and second rounders, Nicolino and Flynn were in trades. When you’re going to be acquiring players via trade, there’s always going to be a premium on pitching and if you can find left-handed pitching, that’s always a plus.

Chattin also had another candidate for breakout player candidate: J.T. Riddle, a 2013 13th-round pick out of the University of Kentucky. Here’s his take on the infielder:

Chattin: He spent the year in short-season, out of last year’s Draft. He really showed signs of taking off in instructs last year. He’s a very athletic left-hand hitting middle infielder who is going to play every day in either low a or high a. We’ll let camp sort that out. He has the chance to really open some eyes within the industry this year. I don’t know that he made an out in instructs. He was just on a roll. The first month and a half of pro ball, he really struggled. There were a few adjustments made with his approach at the plate and he started to show signs in the second dhalf. Then he got to instructional league, granted those games don’t count, you can’t put a lot of stock in performance, but the way he swung the bat, the way he played, you started to see the tools he came in with, started to apply to his performance on the field. I think this is a guy we’re really going to hit on here from a later round pick.

And, finally, my One More Guy:

I’m going to take a little bit of an easy road here because I’m going with the guy who was my Breakout Candidate in the Spring Training report — Jarlin Garcia. Another young lefty about to hit full-season ball. A strong 2014 should put him firmly on the map and I could see him easily reaching Top 20 status at some point during this season.

Marlins looking for a third baseman? There’s one in their system

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — One of the bigger rumors that’s been floating around the lobby here has been that the Marlins are looking to 1. Trade Logan Morrison and/or 2. Bring in a third baseman.

Juan Uribe has been mentioned, though he’s reportedly looking for a three-year deal. No specific names have surfaced in terms of trade returns for Morrison, though there has been some talk of them wanting a big-league ready, or close to big-league ready third baseman in return.

One thing, though, that the Marlins do need to consider, is that they have a pretty good third base prospect in their system already. Miami drafted Colin Moran with the sixth overall pick in the 2013 Draft with the hopes that he could be a fairly quick to Miami advanced college bat. He fared well in full-season ball during his debut, then went on to the Arizona Fall League and we named him the No. 14 prospect in the AFL after he started slowly, but adjusted and finished well. He’s currently the No. 72 prospect on’s Top 100, No. 4 on the Marlins Top 20 and fifth among third base prospects.

The question is, of course, just how quickly he can be ready for the big leagues. There seems to be some debate over that. The Marlins took him that early clearly believing it would be a short trip up the ladder and they hope he can hit Miami in 2015 and that has entered into their internal discussions about moves to make. Does that mean Uribe and his three years are off the table? Not sure yet, but I bet it’s being talked about with Moran in mind.

I talked to some scouts who saw him in the Fall League and got some different feedback. One scout thought back end of 2015 was reasonable. Another didn’t see him as quite a quick a riser, saying he thought it would take 2-3 years, with the more conservative projection more likely. Our own Bernie Pleskoff is more in line with that evaluation after having seen him multiple times in Arizona. It’s not that Bernie (follow him on Twitter @BerniePleskoff) doesn’t like him at all, but he’s skeptical about his ability to get there quickly and will need some development time to iron his game out.

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