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On the back fields… with Manny Machado

Welcome to a new series here on B3, something to break things up and bring a little multimedia to the blog.

When I was in Florida for Spring Training, I was able to spend a good amount of time trolling around Minor League facilities and collecting interviews with Minor Leaguers. The interviews either have or will be used for future stories.

Case in point: The story I did about the 2010 Draft class starting its first full year (read it here). Some of the video was included with the story. But I thought it’d be a nice little feature to roll out the interviews here so people could  see all of them.

I’m going to do two things. I’m going to post the nice, edited version that the fine folks in our multimedia department were kind enough to make look as professional as possible (no small task, given my flipcam amateurishness). Then I’ll also post the longer, raw interview. That way you can choose if you want to watch the shorter version or the “director’s cut.”

So lets start with my visit to the Orioles’ Minor League facility in Sarasota, Fla., where I had the chance to chat with No. 3 overall pick Manny Machado (off to a solid start with Delmarva, by the way).  Here’s the edited version of the interview.

And now, here’s the world premiere of the unedited, raw version of the interview. Hope you enjoy it.

Draft deadline: the latest

With just about 12 hours left until the Draft signing deadline, there’s still not a whole lot to report in terms of bona fide news. Here’s what’s out there with some of the teams working to sign picks,. starting with those in the top 12 of the first round. More to come…

1. Bryce Harper, Nationals: It’s been eerily quiet with the top pick and it’s quite possible there hasn’t been much in the way of negotiating going on between the two sides as of yet. It’ll come down to the wire, but I think it will get done. Nothing official on 2nd rounder Sammy Solis or 4th rounder A.J. Cole, but it did sound like both would sign when all was said and done.

2. Jameson Taillon, Pirates:  The Pirates are cautiously optimistic they’ll sign both Taillon and second-rounder Stetson Allie. There’s probably a money bridge to gap and there was some talk about the old big-league deal vs. no big-league deal discussion. The Pirates would probably like to avoid giving one out to a high school pitcher, but we’ll see how this one unfolds.

3. Manny Machado, Orioles: The O’s did sign RHP Jaime Esquivel, their 28th round pick, signed away from attending Rice. And there’s the hope they’ll sign a few more high school players before the day is over, including the No. 3 pick.

5. Drew Pomeranz, Indians: This one is going to come down to the wire. No news on this one yet, though there was talk that the Indians and third-rounder Tony Wolters were close.

6. Barret Loux, Diamondbacks: With the failed physical, this one got messy fast. I think there’s a good chance this one won’t get done when the deadline hits.

7. Matt Harvey, Mets: Not sure what the hold up is here, but I think this one will happen by the deadline.

9. Karsten Whitson, Padres: Sounded like the two sides were still fairly far apart as the last day approached. A lot can happen between now and midnight, though.

11. Deck McGuire, Blue Jays: No news on this one; still the same as before, with the Jays having put a number out there. Now it remains to be seen if McGuire will take it.

12. Yasmani Grandal, Reds: There were rumors that this was done, but it’s not just yet. The issue might be the big-league deal. Grandal wants one, the Reds don’t want to give one. I think it gets done, with an over-slot deal somewhere in the $3 million range.

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