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Draft signing update

Well, it seems like we’ve got a total of nine first-rounders signed to date. In case you’ve lost track, they are:

No. 4 Tony Sanchez, Pirates
No. 5 Matt Hobgood (just happened over the weekend), Orioles
No. 10 Drew Storen, Nationals
No. 17 A.J. Pollock, Diamondbacks
No. 21 Jiovanni Mier, Astros (I just talked to him today, look for a story about his pro debut tomorrow)
No. 24 Randal Grichuk, Angels
No. 26 Eric Arnett, Brewers
No. 31 Brett Jackson, Cubs
No. 32 Tim Wheeler, Rockies

The Hobgood signing is the first top 10 pick to sign since I posted about my Top 10 Signing Game. We ended up with 4 contestents, and here’s the update, giving the differential of guessed signing date and bonus as indicators:

Matt S. — 6 days; $80,000 (he had July 3, $2.5 mil for Hobgood)
Brian O. — 7 days; $80,000
Todd F. — 26 days; $1.08 mil
Jon W. — 48 days; $80,000

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