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Draft update: Matt Purke and other injury news

TCU will be issuing a statement today officially clearing lefty Matt Purke to make his way back to the mound, I have learned.

The draft-eligible sophomore who was a first-round pick of the Texas Rangers in 2009, but chose to go to college instead, had been shut down by a sore left shoulder. He went to see renowned specialist Dr. James Andrews who diagnosed Purke with bursitis.

The plan will be to shut down Purke for now, have him rehab his shoulder and then begin throwing on flat ground, likely next week. The hope is that he’ll be back before conference tournament play — perhaps getting two starts in — and ready to really go full-tilt during the tournament, which begins on May 24.

There’s been a lot of speculation about Purke and his prized left arm for much of the 2011 season. Some scouts felt something wasn’t quite right all season, and there were some people who questioned the validity of reports about a blister shutting Purke down in the early part of the season, thinking perhaps that it was a cover for the shoulder. Someone familiar with the situation assured Purke did indeed have a nasty blister and that his shoulder didn’t bother him until after he returned. It’s possible that the 10 days he had to take off from throwing to let the blister heal contributed to the shoulder issue he’s now dealing with.

How this impacts his Draft status remains to be seen, as shoulders always do make teams wary. If Purke can come back and look like the guy many felt was the top left-hander in the class before the year began, he could regain some of that status.

In other injury news, University of South Carolina outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. hurt his wrist diving for a ball in the outfield last Saturday. It now appears the toolsy Bradley will have surgery on the wrist on Friday. Most feel that will end his season, but as Bradley stated on his Twitter account (@JackieBradleyJr) “We will all witness this together. Surgery is Friday so then we will start the calendar. #MiraculousHealing” Bradley is hoping he can prove people wrong and make it back in time for postseason play for the highly-ranked Gamecocks. Bradley hadn’t been hitting all that well, but those who believe in his tools will likely be willing to take him where they originally had him prior to this injury.

Draft news: Matt Purke shut down

It’s been fairly widely reported that 2011 Draft prospect and LHP Matt Purke has been shut down with shoulder

Matt Purke will have his shoulder examined by Dr. James Andrews.

soreness and will be examined by Dr. James Andrews today. You can read the note in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram right here.

The Draft-eligible sophomore was a first-round pick of the Texas Rangers in 2009 (No. 14 overall), but turned down a sizable bonus to go to Texas Christian University, knowing he’d be eligible again in two years. As a freshman, Purke went 16-0 for the Horned Frogs, with a 3.02 ERA and 142 strikeouts in 116 1/3 innings. That led many to think he’d be among the top picks in this June’s Draft, perhaps the top college lefty in the class.

While his numbers this season — 4-1, 1.55 ERA, 47 K’s in 40 2/3 IP — certainly aren’t bad, scouts who know Purke well had felt that he wasn’t quite as sharp as he was a year ago. Even before news of this shoulder issue came out, Purke’s draft stock had been slipping a bit. He began the season late, with a blister keeping him from getting going initially. He began pitching on Sundays, then moved up to Saturday, with TCU coach Jim Schlossnagle evidently preferring to keep an effective Kyle Winkler as his Friday starter.

While some felt something wasn’t quite right with him all season — could he have been pitching hurt all year? — it really was evident he wasn’t himself on Saturday at San Diego State. Purke went just four innings before being removed from the game and reports from scouts were that the southpaw’s velocity had dropped drastically, down to 84-86 mph.  A scout in attendance said he was at around 91-92 mph the first two innings, then didn’t throw one over 87 mph after that and clearly seemed to be laboring. Keep in mind that Purke came out of high school two years ago sitting 92-93 mph and topping out at 95 mph, so it was obvious something was amiss.

We’ll see what Dr. Andrews has to say. Schlossnagle said he hoped he might be back for conference tournament action (May 24-28), but there’s no question his Draft stock will continue to fall unless he can come back and show he’s completely healthy. But with the concern about shoulder injuries, it might be very difficult for Purke to get back to anyplace close to where some saw him before the 2011 season began.

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