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Spring Training Prospect Report: Red Sox, Pirates and more

I was at Jet Blue Park yesterday to watch the Pirates-Red Sox — it was a little light on Top 20 prospects, but a pair from the Red Sox’ list did see action. Again, rankings in parentheses.

Jackie Bradley Jr. (2) went 0-for-1 with two walks. Our own Ian Browne did an outstanding job in his feature on JBJR.

Jose Iglesias (6) went 0-for-2 with a walk. But the guy can play a little shortstop.

The Pirates didn’t have any Top 20 guys in action, though I did get to glimpse Gregory Polanco (4), who made the trip. He didn’t play, but he did take BP. The young man is big. When he fills out, watch out. I’ll be talking to Polanco and fellow Pirates prospect Alen Hanson in the next couple of days. I also was impressed by Phillip Irwin (even wrote a note about him). He’s an under-the-radar type who’s been impressive this spring.

You can see all of’s coverage of prospects (and there’s plenty this time of year) on

Recently, I talked to several scouts about who has stood out in big league camp in the early going. Some quick notes, keeping in mind that this is just a smattering and not comprehensive (so don’t get made there isn’t a note about how good Oscar Taveras is):

  • Twins’ prospects Eddie Rosario and Aaron Hicks were playing extremely well. Hicks “looked like a big leaguer” and Rosario was swinging a very good bat for Team Puerto Rico.
  • Phillies lefty Adam Morgan didn’t have good results in his first outing, but did in his second. In both, his stuff was good across the board.
  • The Royals’ Yordano Ventura was creating a lot of early buzz in Arizona.
  • Addison Russell of the A’s looked like he belonged in big league camp
  • The D-backs’ Adam Eaton had his tools on display as he continues to exceed expectations.
  • Javier Baez of the Cubs may have learned a thing or two over the offeason in terms of staying in control. He appears to have calmed down his game a bit, for hte better.
  • Michael Wacha of the Cardinals is impressing with his secondary stuff and his command.
  • The Angels’ Kaleb Cowart has played well in his first big league camp, showing nice poise at the plate and strong defensive skills at third.
  • The Tigers’ Avisail Garcia is a big kid that can run and has man strength.
  • The Pirates’ Gerritt Cole (and this was before his six K’s against Spain) has a gig power arm with life through the zone.
  • The Rays’ Wil Myers keeps you  on the edge of your seat.  Exudes confidence in the box with 80 batspeed.
  • Chris Archer of the Rays has always had dominant frontline type stuff, and continues to show it. He also has good poise on the mound.  Even stronger physically than last year.

Spring Training Prospect Report

Or STPR for short. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

I’m in Florida now for a two-week stretch and it’s like a gold mine for us prospect fans. Especially this early and especially with the World Baseball Classic, prospects are and will get a lot of playing time in Grapefruit League action.

My goal is to give updates regularly here on B3 about the players I get to see. When I can, I’ll also wrinkle in some opinions from scouts about prospects in big league camps in general. so lets get this thing started, shall we?

Yesterday (Tuesday) was my first game and I took in the Rays-Twins game. There were prospects-aplenty, with both the Rays‘ and the Twins‘ Top 20s well-represented (rank in team top 20 in parentheses):


Will Myers (1): Started in RF, went 1-for-2 with a walk. He told me he’s really working on turning on the ball so he can tap into his power to the pull side more consistently.

Hak-Ju Lee (5): Came into the game and played shortstop, went 1-for-2 with a run scored. Drove in the tying run with an infield single, stole second and third and scored during the five-run Rays’ 8th.

Mike Montgomery (8): The lefty who came in the James Shields trade tossed a scoreless eighth inning, allowing one hit and one walk (Keep an eye out today for a story I wrote about him).


Joe Benson (13): Benson started in center and hit lead off as he competes with others for the spot. He went 0-for-4 with a walk and a run scored.

Much, much more to come. Today, I’m at the Pirates-Red Sox. Jackie Bradley Jr.’s starting in center for the Red Sox and I see that Gregory Polanco is on the travel roster for the Pirates.



Who’s Next: The Shortstops

You know the drill by now. The Top 10 shortstops story is up and you can look at the list directly as well.

There’s some depth at the position, and not just in Arizona (they now have Didi Gregorius, Chris Owings AND Nick Ahmed!). Here’s who would make the 11-15 list:

Adeiny Hechavarria, Marlins — He came over in the huge deal with the Blue Jays. The glove has never been a question. Now he’ll get to show if he can hit big league pitching.

Luis Sardinas, Rangers — Yup, that’s right, another shortstop prospect in the Rangers system. He’s taken a bit longer to develop, but has the chance to be a good one, too.

Jose Iglesias, Red Sox — He needs to stay on the field and he needs an opportunity to show he can hit big league pitching, especially with Xander Bogaerts charging up from behind him.

Trevor Story, Rockies — Very intriguing all-around skills. Even if he outgrows the position, should be enough bat for third.

Adalberto Mondesi, Royals — Raul’s kid is exceptionally young and exceptionally talented. Don’t be surprised to see him higher on this list in years to come.

Who’s Next: The Catchers

Be sure to check out the story on the Top 10 catching prospects or you can just go right to the list on Prospect Watch.

Coming up with an 11-15 is easier for some position lists than others. Right-handed pitchers? A piece of cake. When the outfielders run the beginning of next week, that’ll be an easy assignment. But not all positions are as deep and there’s a drop-off the further you go down. There’s a reason why good catching is always in high demand — there isn’t enough supply to go around. So keep that in mind when looking at the 11-15 catchers.

Sebastian Valle, Phillies – He can really defend and has some pop, but plate discipline is holding him back.

Rob Brantly, Marlins – Quietly has made his way to the big leagues, chance to play every day for Marlins after Anibal Sanchez trade

Michael Perez, Diamondbacks — A 2011 draftee from Puerto Rico, Perez had a very solid Pioneer League season and is a solid defender.

Wyatt Mathieson, Pirates — A solid debut for the 2012 draftee, making the GCL All-Star team. Whether he catches long-term remains to be seen.

Tim Federowicz, Dodgers — The former UNC standout doesn’t have a huge ceiling, but he can defend and can hit a bit.

Who’s Next: The LHP list

Tuesday, it was time to launch our rankings of the Top 10 left-handed pitching prospects in the game. And, as promised, I wanted to post the next group of lefties to keep an eye on, as we continue to move toward the “big reveal” of the Top 100 list on Jan. 29.

So, without further ado, here are lefties No. 11-15:

Sean Gilmartin, Braves — Advanced college lefty made it to Triple-A in his first full season of pro ball.

Casey Crosby, Tigers — He’s had two healthy seasons in a row. Now it’s time for him to produce. Could have future as a reliever.

John Lamb, Royals — Before Tommy John surgery, he was one of the better southpaws in the Minors. All signs point to him reclaiming that status in 2013.

Robbie Erlin, Padres — The undersized lefty the Padres got in the Mike Adams trade missed time with elbow tendinitis, but continues to get people out with command and competitiveness.

Daniel Norris, Blue Jays — He had a rough pro debut, but the 2011 second-rounder has plenty of time to fulfill his enormous potential.

Who’s Next: The RHP list

Prospect ranking season is upon us. It started on Monday with our 2013 Top 10 right-handed pitching prospects list. Each day, we’ll be revealing another Top 10 by position list, until we’re ready to unveil this year’s Top 100 on Jan. 29 (Top 50 show on MLB Network and streamed on at 9 p.m. ET). Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday: Left-handed pitchers
Wednesday: Catchers
Thursday: Third basemen
Friday: Shortstops
Saturday: Second basemen
Sunday: First basemen
Monday: Outfielders

You may have noticed a new twitter handle introduced – @mlbpipeline — that we’re using to announce these lists. You may also have noticed that there have been some technical difficulties with it. We’re hoping those will be resolved soon and that can be THE place to find out about prospect info from us on Twitter. So keep trying if you were trying to follow and couldn’t.

In the past, when the Team Top 20 lists have launched (Week of Feb. 4, for those curious), I’ve posted something I called OMG — One More Guy. That, basically, is who would potentially be No. 21 on the list. I thought I should do something similar for the position lists, especially when seeing reaction from some about who is/isn’t on the list.

With that in mind, here are the RHP who would be 11-15, if we were to go that deep:

Julio Teheran, Braves — Star has faded a bit, but still very young and ready for another shot.

Carlos Martinez, Cardinals — Sometimes known as “Little Pedro,” he has electric stuff in smaller pitching frame

Kyle Zimmer, Royals — 2012 first-rounder could move very quickly through the KC system

Aaron Sanchez, Blue Jays — There are those who think he has the most upside among all those young Jays pitchers (current and former)

Kevin Gausman, Orioles — LSU star who went No. 4 overall in last June’s Draft, should join Dylan Bundy in Baltimore in the near future

I’ll be back soon with Who’s Next for the lefties….

What to make of the Jonathan Singleton suspension

These days, I spend most of my time working on’s 2013 Prospect Watch lists. Top 10 by position, Top 100 overall and, of course, Top 20 per team. The lists are more or less done and we’re in the content-writing stages now.

Any time there’s news regarding a prospect, I’m going to take notice. That’s true any time of year, as we try to keep things up to date. Now, though, I’m on hyper-alert for anything that could cause a change in rankings.

So when news came out about Astros first base prospect Jonathan Singleton’s 50-game suspension for testing positive for a “drug of abuse,” the alarms went off. I’m not exactly giving anything away by telling you that Singleton was set to be highly rated on the 2013 lists. He is, after all, currently No. 25 on the Top 100, No. 1 on the Astros’ Top 20 and the top-rated first baseman as well. He came in at No. 6 on my AFL Top 25. Here’s Singleton at the 2012 Futures Game:

I can, at this point, shift things around as needed for the 2013 lists. Nothing is set in stone as of now. So I sent out a quick survey to a number of scouts, the very ones I poll to generate the Top 100 rankings and asked a simple question:

Jonathan Singleton gets a 50-game suspension for a “drug of abuse.” What does that do to his prospect status?

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of response. This was by no means a thorough and scientific poll. But I did hear back from six, all of whom gave me some variation of “Not much.”

A couple said that the only way it would really impact him is if it turned out he had a truly bad addiction to something (most feel the “drug of abuse” was marijuana), and that it had a negative impact on his performance. One pointed out that had it been a suspension for a PED, that would be different, since it could be argued that use of that substance led to his placement as a top prospect.

Two said it would lessen his value a bit to other clubs, that perhaps other teams would be less interested in acquiring him as a result.

But, for the most part, even if they gave Singleton demerits for being stupid, it wouldn’t really impact his status as a prospect. Why? He’s only 21 and even after serving his 50 games, he’ll still spend more than half of the season in Double or Triple-A as one of the younger regulars at that level. Prospects have missed more than that much time with an injury, one scout pointed out, and came back just as good. With no injury here, there’s no reason not to think Singleton will be fine on the field once he comes back.

So, maybe it slows Singleton’s path to the big leagues a bit, one that wasn’t necessarily blocked by anyone long-term (Carlos Pena, Brett Wallace and Rule 5 pick Nate Freiman are the in-house options at first as Spring Training approaches). But other than that, assuming Singleton can avoid such tresspasses in the future, most think he’ll be just fine.

Top prospects transaction report

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to throw a transaction update on here, but I hope to do it weekly between now and the season’s end. Again, here’s a look at any movement — promotion, demotion, disabled list, etc. — from anyone on a team Top 20 over on Prospect Watch. Many thanks to Chris Barth (aka Barth-Man) for compiling the info.

Joe Mahoney (BAL, No. 14): Returned to the Minors on July 9.
Justin DeFratus (PHI, No. 7): Began a rehab assignment on July 10 to recover from an elbow injury.
Zach Cone (TEX, No. 12): Returned to action on July 10.
Andrelton Simmons (ATL, No. 2) Officially placed on the disabled list with a broken right hand, retroactive to July 9.
Kyle Gibson (MIN, No. 6): Returned from last September’s Tommy John surgery.
Matthew Skole (WAS, No. 18): Placed on the disabled list on July 10.
Chevez Clarke (LAA, No. 16): Demoted to Rookie Orem on July 10, after struggling with Class A Cedar Rapids.
Bobby Bundy (BAL, No. 9): Placed on the DL again on July 9, with elbow soreness.
Tyler Townsend (BAL, No. 15): Began a rehab assignment on July 11 to recover from another hamstring injury.
Jose Vinicio (BOS, No. 15): Returned to Class A Greenville on July 11 after DL stint with a left shoulder injury.
Didi Gregorius (CIN, No. 4): Promoted to Triple-A Lousville on July 11.
Chris Dwyer (KC, No. 7): Promoted to Triple-A Omaha on July 11.
Mike Montgomery (KC, No. 3): Demoted to Double-A Northwest Arkansas after a string of rough starts.
Tyler Thornburg (MIL, No. 4): Called up again on July 11.
Jaff Decker (SD, No. 12): Began a rehab assignment on July 11.
Matt Dominguez (HOU, No. 4): Returned to the Minors on July 12.
Justin Grimm (TEX, No. 20): Assigned to Triple-A Round Rock on June 12, after three starts in the Majors.
Lisalverto Bonilla (PHI, No. 12): Placed on the disabled list on July 13, after undergoing surgery on his right thumb.
Xavier Avery (BAL, No. 6): Returned to Triple-A Norfolk on July 13 after third stop in the Majors this year.
David Perez (TEX, No. 15): Placed on the disabled list on July 13.
Josh Edgin (NYM, No. 20): Called up to the Majors for the first time on July 13.
Andrew Oliver (DET, No. 3): Placed on the disabled list with shoulder fatigue on July 13.
Austin Romine (NYY, No. 7): Began a rehab assignment on July 13 to recover from a back injury.
Josh Rutledge (COL, No. 13): Got his first Major League callup on July 13.
Jonathan Villar (HOU, No. 5): Punched a door during a game on July 13 and broke his right hand, out for six weeks.
Jhan Martinez (CWS, No. 8): Called up to the White Sox on July 14.
Scott Van Slyke (LAD, No. 17): Returned to Triple-A Albuquerque on July 14 after two weeks in the Majors.
Kolbrin Vitek (BOS, No. 8):  Began a rehab assignment on July 14 to come back from an intercostal strain.
Chris Marrero (WAS, No. 9): Returned to the disabled list on July 14 after tweaking a hamstring injury.
Josh Wall (LAD, No. 16): Called up to the Majors for the first time on July 14.
Jesus Galindo (SF, No. 13): Returned to action on July 14 after two weeks on the DL with a wrist injury.
Daniel Muno (NYM, No. 15): Reinstated on July 14 after serving a 50-game suspension.
Nestor Molina (CWS, No. 1): Placed on the disabled list with tendinitis on July 15.
Simon Castro (CWS, No. 6): Returned on July 15 after more than two weeks on the DL.
Patrick Corbin (ARI, No. 8): Returned to the Minors after a three week stint in the big leagues.
Jarred Cosart (HOU, No. 2): Returned on July 15 after short DL stay with a blister on his pitching hand.
Scott Gorgen (STL, No. 18): Returned to Double-A Springfield.
Jose Alvarez (MIA, No. 16): Returned to action on July 15 after two weeks on DL with a strained groin.
Trevor Rosenthal (STL, No. 7): Returned from disabled list and was promoted to the big league bullpen.
Josh Sale (TB, No. 11): Returned to action on July 15 after a DL stint with an ankle injury.
Kole Calhoun (LAA, No. 12): Returned to the Majors when Jordan Walden was placed on the disabled list on July 15.
Chris Carpenter (BOS, No. 7): Returned to Triple-A Pawtucket on July 16 after rehabbing his elbow.
Christian Colon (KC, No. 8): Began a rehab assignment on July 16, recovering from a foot injury.
Joe Benson (MIN, No. 5): Returned to action with Double-A New Britain on July 16 after missing the first half of the season with a left wrist injury.
Justin De Fratus (PHI, No. 7): Joined Class A Advanced Clearwater on July 16 after rehabbing an elbow injury.
Matt Adams (STL, No. 8): Returned to action on July 16 after a short DL stint with an elbow injury.
Maikel Cleto (STL, No. 10): Optioned to Triple-A on July 16 to make room for Trevor Rosenthal.

Prospects Transaction Report

Here are the transaction updates for this week (Tuesday, June 26th – Monday, July 2nd).

Jimmy Nelson (MIL, No. 8): Placed on the disabled list with shoulder fatigue on July 2.

Drew Pomeranz (COL, No. 2): Called up for the second time this season on July 2.

Tyler Skaggs (ARI, No. 3): Promoted to Triple-A Reno on July 1.

Erasmo Ramirez (SEA, No. 13): Placed on the disabled list with a right elbow flexor strain on July 1.

Johermyn Chavez (SEA, No. 17): Returned to action on July 1 after missing nearly two months with a broken hamate bone in his left hand.

Neftali Soto (CIN, No. 6): Returned on June 30 after two and a half weeks on the DL with lower back spasms.

Yasmani Grandal (SD, No. 3): Called up to big leagues for the second time this year on June 30.

Felix Starling (CLE, No. 9): Promoted to Class A Lake County on July 1.

Maikel Cleto (STL, No. 10): Called up to the big leagues for the second time this year on June 30.

Austin Wates (HOU, No. 13): Returned to action on June 29 after two weeks on the DL with a quadriceps injury.

Khris Davis (MIL, No. 12): Began a rehab assignment on June 29.

Chris Carter (OAK, No. 8): Called up for the first time in 2012 on June 29.

Edwar Cabrera (COL, No. 18): Called up to the Majors up for spot start on June 27 and returned to Triple-A Colorado Springs on June 29.

Simon Castro (CWS, No. 6): Placed on the disabled list on June 29.

Cory Spangenberg (SD, No. 5): Returned on June 28 after a DL stint with concussion-like symptoms.

Tony Zych (CHC, No. 20): Promoted to Double-A Tennessee on June 29.

Nick Tropeano (HOU, No. 17): Promoted to Class A Advanced Lancaster on June 29.

Dellin Betances (NYY, No. 2): Demoted to Double-A Trenton after going 3-5 with a 6.39 ERA in Triple-A.

Brett Marshall (NYY, No. 20): Returned on June 28, after a week and a half on the DL with bursitis in his left leg.

Trevor Bauer (ARI, No. 1) Made his Major League debut on June 28.

Xavier Avery (BAL, No. 6) Called up to the Majors for the second time this season on June 28, for a short stint.

Chris Archer (TB, No. 2) Returned to the Minors on June 28 after a week with the Rays.

Angelo Gumbs (NYY, No. 16) Placed on the DL on June 28.

Ehire Adrianza (SF, No. 8) Returned on June 28 after nearly two weeks on the DL with a left thumb injury.

Darrell Ceciliani (NYM, No. 16) Placed on the DL with a hamstring injury for the third time this season, on June 28.

Nick Delmonico (BAL, No. 4) Placed on the DL on June 28.

Rymer Liriano (SD, No. 2) Promoted to Double-A San Antonio on June 28.

Zach McAllister (CLE, No. 13) Called up for the second time this season on June 28.

Keenyn Walker (CWS, No. 5) Returned on June 28 after two and a half weeks on the DL.

Adam Warren (NYY, No. 10) Called up to the Major Leagues for the first time on June 28, but returned to the Minors two days later.

Chris Withrow (LAD, No. 6) Returned to action on June 28 after two weeks on the DL with a lower back strain.

Scott Barnes (CLE, No. 4) Called up for the second time this season.

Jose Iglesias (BOS, No. 10): Rejoined Triple-A Pawtucket on June 27, after a rehab assignment.

Anthony Rizzo (CHC, No. 1): Called up to the Majors on June 26.

Matt Lipka (ATL, No. 11): Placed on the disabled list with a hamstring injury on June 26.

Scott Van Slyke (LAD, No. 17): Called up for the third time this season on June 28.

Jacob Turner (DET, No. 1): Returned to the Minors on June 26 after making his first MLB start of 2012 on June 21.

Santo Manzanillo (MIL, No. 18): Placed on the DL for the second time this season on June 26.

Brad Boxberger (SD, No. 10): Returned to the Minors on June 26 after two weeks in the big leagues.

Martin Perez (TEX, No. 2): Called up to the Majors for the first time on June 26.

Travis d’Arnaud (TOR, No. 1): Placed on the DL with a torn ligament in his left knee.

Destin Hood (WSH, No. 6): Returned to Double-A Harrisburg on June 26, after rehabbing a wrist injury.

Zach Putnam (COL, No. 7):  Called up for the second time this season on June 25.


Prospect Transaction wire, June 12-19

Here’s the latest in prospect movement of guys found on team’s Top 20s over on Prospect Watch.

Alex Castellanos (LAD, No. 13): Returned to Triple-A Albuquerque on June 12.

Matt Den Dekker (NYM, No. 15): Promoted to Triple-A Buffalo on June 12.

Jeimer Candelario (CHC, No. 14): Joined the Boise Hawks on June 12.

Zack Cox (STL, No. 6): Returned from the DL after a concussion.

Marco Hernandez (CHC, No. 16): Promoted to the Boise Hawks from extended spring camp on June 12.

Kole Calhoun (LAA, No. 13): Returned to Triple-A Salt Lake on June 13, after 12 at-bats in a Major League callup.

Hector Gomez (COL, No. 16): Began a rehab assignment on June 13 after a groin injury.

Jimmy Nelson (MIL, No. 8): Promoted to Double-A Huntsville on June 13.

Stephen Pryor (SEA, No. 9): Strained his left groin and was placed on the disabled list on June 13.

Matt Purke (WSH, No. 4): Placed on the disabled list on June 13.

Erasmo Ramirez (SEA, No. 12): Called up to the Mariners for the second time this year on June 13, but then returned to Triple-A Tacoma.

Eddie Rosario (MIN, No. 3): Hit in the face by a line drive on June 12, and will miss 6 weeks with a fracture.

Austin Wates (HOU, No. 13): Placed on the disabled with a quadriceps injury on June 13.

Marcus Semien (CWS, No. 9): Sidelined by a hamstring injury on June 14.

Jarrett Parker (SF, No. 19): Placed on the disabled list as a precaution, after being hit in the head by a pitch.

Neftali Soto (CIN, No. 6): Placed on the disabled list on June 12 with lower back spasms.

Juan Rodriguez (LAD, No. 11): Joined Class A Great Lakes on June 14.

Kevan Smith (CWS, No. 12): Returned to action on June 14 after a week on the DL

Forrest Snow (SEA, No. 14): Demoted to Double-A Jackson on June 14 after struggling early in the season.

Tyler Thornburg (MIL, No. 4): Suspended for three days for brawling, but was promoted to Triple-A shortly after his return.

Scott Barnes (CLE, No. 4): Returned to Triple-A Columbus on June 15 after two weeks in the big leagues.

Leonys Martin (TEX, No. 4): Called up to the big leagues on June 15.

Liam Hendriks (MIN, No. 7): Returned to the big leagues on June 16.

Casey Crosby (DET, No. 4): Returned to Triple-A Toledo.

Justin Grimm (TEX, No. 20): Called up to the Major League club on June 16.

Ehire Adrianza (SF, No. 8): Placed on the disabled list on June 16, with a left thumb injury.

Kyle McPherson (PIT, No. 10): Made his first 2012 start with Double-A Altoona on June 16, after  shoulder inflammation.

Chih-Hsien Chiang (SEA, No. 19): Designated for assignment on June 16.

Taylor Jordan (WHS, No. 18): Began a rehab assignment in mid-June.

Billy Bullock (ATL No. 17): Promoted to Triple-A Gwinnett.

Matthew West (TEX, No. 17): Rejoined High A Myrtle Beach on June 17.

Eury Perez (WSH, No. 6): Placed on the disabled list with an oblique injury in mid June.

Oswaldo Arcia (MIN, No. 4): Promoted to Double-A New Britain on June 17.



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